Eddy Current Component Testing Systems for Cracks, Heat Treat, Grinder Burns

Eddy current testing is a common method of non-destructive testing that can examine the surface characteristics of a test piece by using electromagnetism to induce eddy currents and monitoring the subsequent voltage fluctuations. Eddy current testing is most commonly used in the following applications:

  • Quality control during manufacturing and in-service inspection
  • Identification of materials with varying heat treatment
  • Flaw and discontinuity detection metallic components
  • Identification and evaluation of intergranular corrosion in stainless steel
  • Measurement of component coating thickness
  • Measurement of electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability

Eddy current testing uses an alternating current generated within a coiled conductor to create a magnetic field. When this coil and magnetic field are moved close to a testable material it will induce an eddy current in this second conductive material. These eddy currents follow a circular path within the test piece and can be measured with a second coil or by looking for fluctuations in the current of the primary coil. The presence of flaws or damage within the object will affect the induced eddy current as the current flows around the discontinuity. This change can be measured to find flaws, defects, or variations in materials being tested.

Eddy current testing can find and locate very small cracks and discontinuities near the surface in nearly any metallic material. Before testing, the surfaces of the parts being tested need minimal to no preparation. Many complex sizes and shapes can be tested without additional setup or equipment.

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ACS-Solutions A1610 BondVisor - Flaw Detector

ACS-Solutions A1610 BondVisor - Flaw Detector
The A1610 Bond Visor instrument is used for non-destructive testing bonded or laminated components by Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA)

Product Code: A1610

1 Products Found