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At Berg Engineering, we have forged long-term professional relationships with the leading manufacturers of NDT (nondestructive testing) equipment. Each of our featured brands offers some of the highest-rated equipment on the market.

We offer test equipment from these manufacturers (and many more):

  • · Waygate Technologies & Baker Hughes (formerly GE Inspection Technologies) are world leader in measurement technology. They have developed leading solutions ultrasonic flaw detection, ultrasonic thickness measurement, and much more.
  • · CorDEX remains pioneers in the field of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment, particularly cameras.
  • · Labino continues to lead the specific-use lighting industry. They offer leading solutions in LED lamps, light meters, UV goggles, and more.
  • · Mitutoyo offers the highest-quality calipers, height gauges, and rough surface testers in the world. They offer something for every metrology application.
  • · Magnaflux is one of the world's leading innovators in magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, aerospace-approved aqueous cleaners, and more.
  • · Wilson Hardness is one of the leading brands in hardness testing. They offer devices for Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop/Vickers methods, and more.
  • · Buehler is a world leader in metallurgical testing technology, equipment, and consumables. They offer equipment for hardness testing, sectioning, mounting, and much more.

What Brand Should I Buy?

Whether you are part of a buying team, a management team, or you work directly with NDT equipment, we're happy to help you determine which devices are right for you. Every piece of NDT equipment has a specific use. At Berg Engineering, we are committed to getting the sale right the first time ensuring that your organization gets exactly what it needs.

If you have questions about your specific application, or if you need more information on the differences between devices, please contact our customer service department. Our representatives specialize in understanding organizational needs and matching them to the perfect NDT equipment.

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