NDT Rental Equipment

NDT Rental Equipment

NDT Rental Equipment: Ideal Solution for Occasional Use

When you rent NDT equipment from Berg, you're choosing to rent with a company that has some of the highest-quality products on the market. All of our equipment adheres to the highest industry standards of accuracy. Berg has the ideal NDT rental equipment for all applications. We offer bundles of some of some products to give you better pricing on your NDT rental equipment.

In seasonal or one-time use scenarios, the expense of NDT equipment makes it difficult to justify a purchase. Many of our clients choose to rent NDT equipment that they only need once or twice a year. This option offers a cost-effective solution for seasonally recurring or one-off testing requirements. For example, in heat-affected zones for wells, we provide the GE Mic 10 portable hardness tester for this application. For PMI (positive materials identification), we rent PMI/XRF analyzers. These are only two examples from our extensive rental catalog.

If you need assistance, or if you cannot find a rental package that fits your exact needs, please call us at 1-847-577-3980.

Reasonable Rental Terms

Our rental rates put your organization's needs first. We do not bill for the time which our rental equipment spends in transit to your location. Rather, we bill from the time you receive your rental equipment until the time when you ship it out at the end of your rental term.

Berg Offers ISO 17025 Calibrated NDT Rental Equipment Where Applicable

We keep the latest state-of-the art equipment in our rental program. Where applicable, all rental equipment is calibrated to ISO 17025 before we send it out. We provide technical support and application assistance on rental equipment before, during, and after your rental.

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