ibg NDT Systems

ibg NDT Systems has been a market leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge eddy current testers, instruments and systems for non-destructive testing (NDT) for over 35 years. The company has been a pioneer in creating NDT tests including multi-frequency structure verification, simultaneous harmonic analysis, temperature adaptive structure testing, automatic tolerance zone generation, multi-filter crack and grinder burn detection.

ibg's suite of eddy current testers measure structure, cracks, pores and grinder burn to verify the correct structure and manufacture of mass-produced metal components, including hardness, case depth, case depth location, temper, and alloy. Eddy current testing equipment from ibg will help you in making sure your manufactured parts are meeting the correct specifications and are safe to use in your finished goods.

For more information about ibg NDT Systems, contact our knowledgeable sales engineers by calling 1-847-577-3980 or emailing info@bergeng.com.

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