Labino is a Swedish company that manufactures complex, specific-use lighting equipment. Their products are used in numerous fields, including UV curing, lighting effects, automotive leakage detection, industrial leak detection, nondestructive testing, and criminal investigation.

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Handheld LED Lamps

Labino LED lamps in handheld format come in a variety of models. From handheld white light lamps to handheld UV lamps to LED torches, Labino provides the very best quality in handheld illumination.

Overhead LED Bench Lights

These bench lights provide brilliant LED illumination to any workstation. With mid lights and flood lights, mother units and slave units, this range of products will improve your operator’s safety and workflow.

UV Goggles

These UV goggles provide 99.9% UV protection. They also improve visual contrast, protect the operator’s eyes from the side, and fit over prescription eyeglasses. Their light weight makes them a comfortable fit for anyone.

LabinOil Technology

Labino’s versatile LabinOil kit has numerous applications. Criminal investigators use it to detect body fluids, while the engineering and manufacturing fields use it for nondestructive testing and leak detection. Berg stocks the LabinOil Kit, as well as replacement LabinOil.

LED Headlamps

These powerful headlamps require no hands for stabilization. The adaptable rubber band straps fit over a bare head or a helmet, and battery placement ensures that no cords dangle hazardously from the unit. Illumination is powerful and focused.

Light Meters

Labino makes light meters for visible and UV light, in handheld and cable-connected formats. The cable-connected meters allow the user to stand up to 5 meters away from the point at which the light level is being read.

Whatever field you work in, Labino has a specialized line of products to meet your needs. If you have any questions, call or email us today. We’re happy to direct you towards a Labino product that’s perfect for your application.

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