Waygate Technologies (a Baker Hughes business)

Waygate Technologies (a Baker Hughes business)

Waygate Technologies NDT Equipment (formerly GE Inspection Technologies)

Waygate Technologies, as a part of Baker Hughes, continues to lead the NDT industry with groundbreaking measurement technology. With devices and systems in the areas of remote visual inspection (formerly Everest), automated UT systems (formerly Krautkramer), hardness testing (formerly Krautkramer), eddy current testing (formerly Hocking), and much more, Waygate Technologies continues to offer incredible functionality and accuracy to the world of NDT.


Waygate Technologies does not create one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, the company adapts its technologies to a wide variety of applications.

When it comes to ultrasonic thickness gauges, Waygate Krautkramer leads the industry with the Waygate Krautkramer DM5E, the Waygate Krautkramer DMS Go+, and the DMS Go+ Advanced. Ultrasonic thickness gauges allow the operator to determine structural flaws in materials by driving high-frequency sound into them and measuring the sound waves that bounce back. This is a crucial test method, especially in environments in which only one side of a test piece is exposed and testable.


Waygate Technologies also offers some of the highest-quality ultrasonic flaw detectors available on the market. Since its rebranding from GE Inspection Technologies in 2019 and Krautkramer in the early 2000s, Waygate Technologies has continued to innovate as well as offer the classic Krautkramer models. Notable devices include the Waygate Krautkramer USM 36 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, the Waygate Krautkramer USN 60L, and the USM Go+.

In the area of hardness testers, Waygate Technologies offers a pocket hardness tester, the DynaPOCKET, and used to offer the DynaMIC, MIC10, and MIC20.

Choosing a Waygate Technologies Measurement Device

There is often some overlap between the functions of NDT devices. If you need assistance choosing between several Waygate Technologies measurement testing units, you are welcome to contact our customer service department. Our representatives know every device in the Waygate Technologies line up which we sell. We are happy to match your organizational needs to the perfect NDT equipment. At Berg Engineering, we are committed to getting the sale right the first time, ensuring that your organization gets exactly what it needs.


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