GE MIC 10 Portable Hardness Tester (MIC-10)

    GE MIC 10 Portable Hardness Tester



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    GE Krautkramer MIC-10 Portable Hardness Tester

    After decades of manufacturing the GE Krautkramer MIC-10, GE has now exited the UCI hardness market. The new replacement for the GE Krautkramer MIC-10 now comes from NewSonic, a company comprised of former GE Krautkramer Engineers who used to work on the MIC-10. Their line of SonoDur hardness testers now offers the best, most advanced and improved UCI hardness testing solution currently available. To see the NewSonic UCI hardness testing solutions, click here.

    Trade-In Your MIC-10

    If you are in the market for a UCI hardness tester, ask about our trade-in program where we can give you a credit towards the purchase of a new UCI hardness testing solution.

    MIC-10 Ultrasonic Contact Impedance Hardness Tester

    The MIC 10 uses the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method for efficient and accurate measurements by electronically measuring the Vickers diamond indent and then displaying the hardness value instantly.  This portable hardness tester can test hard to reach places and can measure in any direction, making it a flexible solution for operators.

    Measurements can be viewed as either a single value or an average value and it is easy to edit erroneous values.  The default calibration parameter is fro low and non-alloyed steel but the unit can also be recalibrated to other mateirals.   

    Quick Hardness Testing Wherever You Wish

    As with all other hardness testers from our MICRODUR line, the MIC 10 operates according to the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance). This method enables quick and easy measurement: position probe and read off the value. This operational ease is achieved because the Vickers diamond indent in the material's surface is electronically measured and instantly displayed as a hardness value without using the Quick hardness testing wherever you wish.cumbersome optical evaluation of a microscope normally associated with Vickers hardness testing.
    The small, handy MIC 10 makes life easy for you: a hardness tester that you can take anywhere - on scaffolds for testing large containers and pipes, or for testing components at any location. The small narrow probes even enable you to make measurements on positions difficult to access, such as tooth flanks or roots of gears. You can measure in any direction, e.g. in the horizontal or overhead positions. The instrument carrier and prop-up stand permits two hand operation, for correct probe positioning and guidance. Easy operation, high performance and unique data processing. Conforms to ASTM A1038-05 UCI METHOD

    What This Small Instrument Can Do

    By pressing a key, you can display your reading as a single value or as the active arithmetical average value of a hardness measurement set. Editing of erroneous single values, without having to interrupt the measurement set, is just as simple. Adjustable alarm thresholds show you critical measurement values both visually and with audiable alarms. The calibration parameters for measurements on low and non-alloyed steel are preprogrammed into the MIC10; however, the instrument can be easily and quickly recalibrated to other materials. Instrument operation can be customized for specific testing requirements: unnecessary functions can be inhibited, e.g. various hardness scales or the recalibration capability. This reduces key presses and simplifies operation.

    Base Instrument includes:

    • 2 ea. AA Alk. Batteries
    • Operating Manual and Operating Card
    • Plastic Carrying Case,
    • ISO 17025 Certficate of Calibration

    *** Probe Kit required but not inlcuded.


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