GE DynaMIC Rebound Portable Hardness Tester (DYNAMIC)

    GE DynaMIC Rebound Portable Hardness Tester
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    The DynaMIC portable hardness tester is a rebound hardness tester from GE.  The DynaMIC is able to compensate for changes in impact direction and distance variations automatically, reducing measurement errors.  There is no need to enter impact direction when measuring because the unit carries out measurements in any direction, making the UCI method finally available for rebound hardness testing.

    The DynaMIC comes with nine prest material groups for easy calibration and allows for users to store additional material groups for quick calibration.  Users have the ability to view a single value or average value of measurements while also storing the total number of measurements taken with the impact device, making users have flexibility when performing inspections and also saving time on maintenance.


    Quick hardness testing made easy.

    The new generation of rebound hardness testers.

    Series of portable hardness testers that weigh less than 11 ounces and operate on 2 standard "AA" batteries to provide easy transporting and on-site testing. Operation based on the Rebound method and special signal processing technique automatically compensates for changes in testing direction.

    Accuracy, ease of operation, data processing impact beyond compare!

    Accurate test method.

    The DynaMIC operates according to the rebound method in which an impact body is impelled against the test surface by spring force. The hardness value is calculated from the ratio of speed of the impact body before impact and after rebounding from the test piece. To improve on this established testmethod, the DynaMIC employs a patented and innovative signal processing technique that automatically compensates for changes in impact direction and distance variations caused when measuring small radii.

    High-tech for your convenience.

    With the DynaMIC you are immediately able to carry out measurements in any direction without affecting the accuracy of the test results. It is unnecessary to enter the impact direction of test prior to taking a measurement. This well-known advantage of the UCI method is now at long last also available for rebound hardness testing using the DynaMIC. In addition, the well-proven calibration feature of the MIC 10 has been adopted in the DynaMIC. A precise calibration for a specific alloy within one of the nine preset material groups or an exotic material is quickly performed and easily recalled later. The DynaMIC even allows you to generate and store additional, company-specific material groups. By simply pressing a key you can choose between displaying a single value or the average value of a measurement set. Adjustable alarm thresholds indicate critical readings to you both visually and audibly. A special configuration feature allows you to select the scales and features for your particular testing requirements. This simplifies operation and increases operational reliability. The DynaMIC also ensures measurement reliability by displaying the total number of all measurements taken with an impact device. This assists in scheduling maintenance or predicting replacement of the impact body.

    Base Instrument Includes:

    • DynaMIC Instrument
    • Dyna-D 12Nmm Impact Device with 3mm Tungsten Carbide Indenter
    • MIC-D62 Test Block
    • Dyna-D50 Cable
    • 2 ea. AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Operating Manual
    • Operating Card
    • Plastic Carry Case
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Couplant
    • ISO 17025 Certficate of Calibration

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