GE DMS Go+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w/ A & B Scan and Data Recorder (DMSGOPLUS)

    GE DMS Go+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge w/ A & B Scan and Data Recorder
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     The new DMS Go+ Series of A-scan thickness gauges provides accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data in a wide range of applications and environments.

    There are 3 models in the DMS Go+ Series:

    DMS Go+ Basic Great Quality/Value

    • Simple to use, A-scan verification, rugged and reliable, IP67 sealing
    • Compatible with high quality D-Meter dual-element probes to handle a wide range of corrosion thickness applications.

    DMS Go+ Added Performance

    • B-scan (timed) for cross-sectional view
    • Compatible with single element probes for precision thickness measurement and temperature compensated readings.

    DMS Go+ Advanced Full Features

    • 6 data recording file structures plus 3D & 4D via UltraMATE
    • TopCoat/Auto-V measurement capabilities to eliminate removal of many coatings

    All three models feature intuitive, easy-to-use arrow-keypad control and carry out from simple A-scan verification to B-scan and full Data Recording.

    The DMS Go+ Series of A-scan thickness gauges are easily upgradeable to add the additional features and capabilities of the 3 models, and the comprehensive USM Go+ flaw detector capabilities to form a powerful and flexible NDT inspection tool.

    All DMS Go+ models are compatible with the high quality, high performance Krautkramer D-Meter dual elements probes. The DMS Go+ and DMS Go+ Advanced instruments are also compatible with single element precision thickness gauging probes. The Advanced version offers the Topcoat/Auto-V technology for measuring through coatings.


    High performance thickness measurement

    • Zero cross measurement technique for high measurement stability and reliability
    • Automatic gain control for excellent repeatability and corrosion monitoring.
    • Built-in temperature compensation for accurate measurement up to 540°C (1000°F)
    • Multiple calibration and zeroing modes for repeatable accuracy.
    • Multiple measurement modes, including thickness, A-scan, B-scan, Min/max and differential

    High capacity data recorder and compatibility with powerful data management systems

    • On-board data recorder, with capacity of hundreds of thousands of thickness readings, with storage of A-scan, B-scan and MicroGrid attachments
    • Data can be organized in pre-set, custom or advanced file structures.
    • Data transfer is by SD card or via USB port to PC. Data can be transferred in various file formats to allow easy integration with user data management systems.
    • Compatible with UltraMate and UltraMate Lite data management programs to allow for comprehensive data analysis and documentation.

    Ease of use

    • Intuitive arrow-keypad for positive digital control of parameters
    • One hand operation and one-hand, menu-directed calibration process
    • A “Flip” function allows use by both left-handed and right-handed operatives.
    • A large, 800x480 pixel, display screen, ergonomically sized to reduce eye-strain, which can be adjusted to provide optimum visibility in various ambient light conditions.
    • Small size, lightweight (870g, 1.9lb), robust construction to IP67 for operation in harsh environments.
    • Battery allows up to 10 hours operation and can be re-charged on- or off-board.


    5 inch  800 x 480 pixels 
    (W x H) 108 × 65 mm / 4.25 x 2.55” 
    >400 cd/m²

    Size (W x H x D)

    175 x 111 x 50 mm / 6.88 x 4.37 x 1.96”

    877 g / 1.87 lbs.

    Protection class
    IP 67

    Operating temperature
    0 – 55 °C / 32 – 131 °F

    Li-Ion, rechargeable
    > 8 hours operation time

    Power adapter / charger
    100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

    Probe connector
    Dual Lemo-00 (T/R)

    PC interface
    Micro USB

    Memory card
    SD-Card 16 GB max

    Data recorder (model specific)
    100.000 readings per file. Multiple files can be stored on 
    SD card. 8 file formats. Attachment of A-Scan, B-Scan and
    micro grid

    120-300V Spikewave, Automatically matched to probe

    Pulse Repetition Frequency
    4, 8 or 16 Hz selectable

    Receiver (model specific)
    110 dB dynamic. Automatic gain control.  Manual –high, -low, -auto

    Measurement range
    0,4 – 14,000 m (0.01 – 551”) Units mm, inch, μs

    Digital display resolution
    0,01 mm or 0,1 mm (0.001” or 0.01”) selectable

    Measurement techniques (model specific)
    Zero crossing. IP to 1st echo. 
    Multi echo, TopCoat , Auto-V

    Calibration (model specific)
    One-point . Two-point .
    Auto or Manual On-block and Off-block Zero.
    Automatic V-Path correction

    Display mode(model specific)
    Thickness and A-Scan. Temperature corrected thickness.
    B-Scan. Min/Max capture. Differential

    EN 61010, EN 61326-1, EN 12668, ASTM E 1324, E317, ANSI/
    NCSL Z 540-1-1994, MIL-STD 45662A, MIL-STD 2154, EN 15317

    Additional Info

    Package Includes

    The DMS Go+ Instrument Includes:

    • Lithium Ion “on-board” rechargeable battery pack
    • Lithium Ion battery charger /AC power supply
    • Protective LCD Screen Overlays (pkg. 10), clear, field replaceable
    • SD Card (2 GB)
    • Transport Case
    • Hand Strap
    • Quick Reference
    • Operating Card
    • Operating Manual on CD
    • ISO17025 Certificate Of Calbration
    • Couplant Sample


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