Echo Ultrasonics EchoTherm Ultra-High Temperature Couplant (ETM-02)

    Echo Ultrasonics EchoTherm Ultra-High Temperature Couplant
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    EchoTherm™ is an economical, ultra-high-temperature thickness gauging and corrosion testing couplant that can be used at temperatures ranging from 200°F to 1000°F (93°C to 538°C). It will not auto-ignite until temperatures exceed 1300°F. 

    EchoTherm contains a polymer that melts at 750°F (400°C) and extends the operating range up to 1000°F (538°C). Instant readings are obtainable at operating temperatures below 750°F. EchoTherm stops potential industrial accidents and personnel risk due to auto-ignition events because of its high-temperature threshold for ultrasonic inspections.

    EchoTherms' small mass requirement for ultrasonic thickness gauging, its slow rate of heat-related decomposition along with local ventilation, suggest there are no anticipated health hazards related to the vaporized and thermal decomposed product.

    EchoTherm is Telfon free and is not anticipated to cause "polymer plume fever."


    • The most economical ultra-high temperature couplant.
    • High-temperature thickness gauging or corrosion profiling at temperatures from 200°F to 1000°F (93°C to 538°C).
    • Instant ultrasonic readings.
    • Slow rate of thermal decomposition.
    • Teflon free.
    • Not expected to cause "polymer plume fever."


    • Operating Range: 200°F to 1000°F (93°C to 538°C)
    • Auto Ignition Temperature*: greater than 1300°F (704°C)
    • Flash Point: 1050°F (570°C)
    • Viscosity: thick paste

    * Test by John A. Kennedy & Assoc., ASTM E659-14

    EchoTherm contains a polymer which melts (and begins to smoke) at 750F, which extends the operating range, however, it is not necessary to reach this temperature to obtain instant readings.
    If you are testing below 750°F, VersaSonic is the ideal broad temperature couplant with an operating range of -10 to 750°F.