Gould-Bass 1500 Magne-Tech Portable MPI Unit (N520530001)

    Gould-Bass 1500 Magne-Tech Portable MPI Unit

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    The Gould-Bass 1500 Magne-Tech Portable MPI Unit provides a reliable way to detect surface and near surface discontinuities in its longitudinal and circular modes. The 1500 Magne-Tech model is perfect for applications involving railroads, pipelines, aircraft, and anywhere ferrous metals need to be inspected for cracks. This portable MPI unit is user-oriented, with all controls and indicators on the front panel for easy access. This Unit features an advanced modular design with thermal overload protection, infinity variable current control, and a remote control for increased access in spaces with limited access.

    An easy-read ammeter shows whether the magnetizing current is in AC or half-wave DC mode. The DC mode has an increased magnetic field penetration for detecting near-surface defects, and the AC minimizes background interference for high sensitivity for detecting surface defects with speed and accuracy. The 1500 Magne-Tech Portable MPI Unit meets military and industrial specifications, along with ASTM E1444 & E-709 ASME Section III and Navships 250-1500 Mil-STD-271 standards.


    • Thermal overload protection
    • Infinity variable current control
    • HWDC and AC magnetizing power
    • Rugged duty cycle
    • More output per unit weight and size
    • Remote control feature


    Model 1500 Magne-Tech Portable MPI Unit
    Max AC Output 900 amps
    Max HWDC Output 4000 amps
    Line Amp Draw 40/20
    Electrical 110/230/60/1
    Weight 58 lbs
    Dimesions 6" x 9" x 17"
    Specifications ASTM E1444 & E-709 ASME Section III,
    Navships 250-1500 Mil-STD-271