F.W. Bell

Based in Oregon, F.W. Bell has a long history of developing all different types of current sensors. Their line of the 5100 Series Hall Effect portable gauss meters have applications in the aerospace, transportation, medical, automotive, instrumentation, research, energy and military industries. These rugged, CE compliant devices are designed to resist wear in everything from factories to battlefields.

Along with their unparalleled accuracy, the 5100 Series also employs a digital signal processor (DSP), making it the first handheld gauss meter of its kind. Users are able to select Gauss, Tesla or Ampere/Meter readings, giving them a greater flexibility in the field. Devices come with a transverse probe with an axial probe also available as an option.

For more information about F.W. Bell products or technical assistance selecting the right Gauss Meter or probe, contact our knowledgeable sales engineers by calling 1-847-577-3980 or emailing info@bergeng.com.

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