Visual Inspection Equipment

Berg Engineering offers a variety of visual inspection equipment including borescopes, fiberscopes, pan-tilt zoom cameras, push pull camera systems, remote visual light sources, remote visual software, retrieval tools, robotic crawlers and video borescope systems.

 Borescopes are optical systems used to examine inside of a structure using an eyepiece on one end and an objective lens on the other.  They are typically used to examine areas that cannot be seen by other methods and are commonly used to view aircraft engines, steam or gas turbines and in the automotive industry.  Berg offers rigid borescopes and the more advanced video borescopes.
Fiberscopes are similar to borescopes only they are made out of flexible fiber-optics making them useful to examine the inside of machinery or the human body.  Berg offers articulating fiberscopes as well as mini-flex fiberscopes.  Articulating fiberscopes are more advanced because the user has the ability to control the movement of the bending portion of fiberscope.  Useful applications for fiberscopes include turbine inspections, welding inspections, airframe inspections, heat exchangers and piping.
Pan tilt zoom cameras (PTZ cameras) can be controlled by automation systems.  The application of PTZ cameras includes television production as well as surveillance cameras.  They can also be used in elevators or mine shafts, tank and vessel inspections, monitoring of contaminated rooms, fuel bundle analysis or large pipe inspections. 
Push pull camera systems are used for the inspection of pipes or vessels.  They consist of a camera attached to a cord which can be manually or remotely pushed or pulled into tight areas for inspection purposes.  Berg offers a few different cameras with many features depending on the type of vessel that is being investigated.
Remote visual light sources are small, lightweight sources of light used in conjunction with borescopes or fiberscopes.  They give off high intensity light with low levels of heat for a high efficiency on the system.  Berg offers lights with different features such as portable carrying packs and reusable battery packs.
Remote visual software systems are used to increase productivity and efficiency when entering data during inspections.  The information is all in one place lowering the chance of error and making it easier to share information with 3rd-parties through email.
A retrieval tool is a broad term that refers to the act of removing material from equipment.  They range from four-wire basket tools, alligator tool clamps and magnets among other tools that specialize in removing substances from equipment to ensure greater efficiency.
Robotic crawlers are remote control cameras used to inspect pipes of all sizes and materials.  Envirosight offers a few different options that each come with different features.
Please browse our categories to discover which product best suits your needs.  If you have any questions, call us at 1-847-577-3980 or send an email to Our knowledgeable staff is there to help and assist you.
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