Ultrasonic Couplants

Ultrasonic couplants are used in order to promote the transference of sound energy between the transducer and the test materials.  This is vital because sound energy is not transmitted effectively through air.  Even a tiny amount of air between the transducer and test material will render the testing useless.  There are many different couplants including propylene glycol, glycerin, silicone oil, gel and high temperature or medium temperature couplants.

Here at Berg, we offer ultrasonic couplants from Sonotech and Echo Ultrasonics.  Please browse our categories to find the best product for you.  If you have any questions about the couplants that we offer, give us a call at 1-847-577-3980 or send an email to info@bergeng.com.  Our knowledgeable staff is there to help and assist you.

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