Hawkeye Blue Flexible Fiberscope (BLUE-FLEX-FIBERSCOPE)

    Hawkeye Blue Flexible Fiberscope
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    The Hawkeye Blue Flexible Fiberscope is ideal for inspecting engine blocks, turbochargers, pipes, and other complex castings. The Blue Flexible Fiberscope includes a tip with 2-way articulation. The tip can be locked into place with an articulation lock on the fiberscope. A super-tough, braided tungsten sheath provides protection without compromising flexibility.

    The Hawkeye Blue Flexible Fiberscope has outside diameters of 2.5mm (0.098") and 4mm (0.158"). Options in length include 27.5" (0.7m), 47.2" (1.2m), and 59.1" (1.5m).


    • 2-way articulation
    • Braided tungsten sheath provides tube protection without sacrificing flexibility
    • Fixed focus lens set
    • Made in the USA



    Model Blue Flexible
    Direction-of-View Fixed Direct, Fixed Side, or Direct with Side View Tip Adapter
    Field-of-View Fixed Direct View Models 45°, 60° or 90°, Fixed Side View Models 45°, Interchangeable Tip Models 45°
    Depth of Field 2.5mm diameter models 3mm (0.118) to infinity, 3.3/4 mm diameter models 5mm (0.2") to infinity, 5/6/8 mm diameter models 8mm (0.315) to infinity
    Distal Focus Fixed focus lens set
    Tube Diameter Refer to Model Number (2.5,3.3, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 8.0, or 8.4 mm)
    Insertion Tube Bend Radius 2.5-6 mm diameter models 1.25", 8mm diameter models 1.5", 13.6mm diameter models 2.0"
    Articulation 2.5mm diameter models 150° Up/Down, 4.0 - 6.0 mm diameter models 150° Up/Down, 8.0mm + diameter models 120° Up/Down; 120° Right/Left
    Tube Construction Stainless Steel monocoil inside watertight PVC, covered with tungsten braid
    Operating Temperature 0° to 170° F (-18° to 77° C)
    Watertight Insertion Tube Up to 1 atm/1 bar (14.7psig); approx. 30ft water depth
    Handpiece Splash-proof only. Fluid resistance (insertion tube) Water, 5% salt water. Selected scopes are resistant to aviation fuel, gasoline, machine oil hydraulic fluids.

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