GE Apollo Eddy Current Tester (072-600-000)

    GE Apollo Eddy Current Tester



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    Multi-channel/multi-frequency eddy current system for heat exchanger inspections. Supports industry standard eddy current (ET) and remote field (RFT) tubing probes as well as surface scanning arrays.

    Apollo can operate in either multiplexed or simultaneous injection modes meeting the eddy current tubing inspection needs for the power utility, petrochemical, pulp & paper, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries.

    The multi-channel/multi-frequency capabilities of Apollo can also solve a vast array of surface solutions. These solutions include, but are not limited to aerospace airframe and engine inspection, automotive in-line testing for bar, tube and wire, and any application that requires high-speed inspection with multiple probes and frequencies.

    Combined with field proven acquisition and analysis software, Apollo is suited for a wide range of inspections from smaller two-man operations to scope of work requiring multiple testers and data rooms.

    GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Apollo multi-channel/multi-frequency eddy current system combined with tubing probes are ideally suited for the inspections of ferrous and nonferrous tubing in heat exchangers and condensers.

    Eddy Current ID probes are ideal for inspecting nonferrous tubing common to many power plants. Remote Field Testing (RFT) probes are made to inspect ferrous tubing which are found in oil and gas refineries and fossil power plants.

    In addition to power plants and refineries, Apollo is also ideally suited for use in testing labs, pharmaceutical plants and industrial facilities requiring heat exchanger inspection.

    Apollo for tube inspection is a vital part of the larger eddy current solution offered by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, which is committed to growing eddy current solutions and providing exceptional customer service and support.

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