Ofil Corona Base - Data Base Reporting Software (13-90-10001)

    Ofil Corona Base - Data Base Reporting Software

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    This product has been discontinued.

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    Corona-Base is a database application dedicated to assist managing findings collected during UV inspection with corona cameras, allowing organizing images and video clips in a dedicated target directory. With Corona Base it is easy to process raw data into meaningful information and manage media libraries. The software is friendly and easy to use.

    With Corona-Base it is easy to document inspections, store findings, follow up cases, look-up components history, report actions and analyze trends.

    Corona-Base will let you manage your assets in a consistent simple manner and save your time by automatic report generation.

    The sequence of activities towards maintaining healthy infrastructure starts with monitoring continues with analysis and diagnosisand ends in repair. Monitoring is the combination of detection and recording of technical or characteristic values. Analysis relies on the ability to evaluate the recorded values while diagnosis is based on the understanding the condition and suggest strategies to act towards solving problems.

    • Document inspection sessions
    • Create and use your own dictionary
    • Enter free text descriptions
    • Ready report templates
    • Store video and still pictures
    • Image and video editors
    • Easy sorting and searching
    • Friendly interface
    • Share findings across organization
    • Create your company's repository