GE USK8 Analog Flaw Detector Krautkramer (082-035-275)

    GE USK8 Analog Flaw Detector Krautkramer



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    With a new display.

    The USK 8 is a small, portable ultrasonic flaw detector using analog technology. Equipped with a new CRT, this instrument offers a brighter display with a higher contrast: another advantage besides the characteristic high speed of analog technology.  The exceptional focus or definition of the image and detail rendition of the echo display enable precise tests.

    With the customary easy operation.

    The operating concept of analog instruments is well familiar to many inspectors. USK 8 operation is quick and easy to learn because all functions are directly accessible: no changing of operating levels, no menu structures to go through, just one rotary control for each function.  This reveals the operating concept almost at first glance.

    For use in all weathers...

    The USK 8 is small and handy. It is excellently suitable as a portable unit for daily use on various sites.  The instrument is shockproof and waterproof and designed for everyday use under rugged industrial conditions.  The commercially available NiCad cells ensure reliable operation for a complete eight-hour day. 

    ... and for universal test tasks.

    The USK 8 is the right instrument for you, if the task requires inspection of welds and corrosion on a pipeline, as well as occasional testing of large workpieces for flaws.  With its test range of 10 meters, the USK 8 can test large objects, such as forgings, axles or shafts, not only radially but also longitudinally. The high gain reserve also makes it suitable for testing materials showing strong sound attenuation.