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    The USM 23 EX intrinsically safe flaw detector - portable and battery powered.

    The USM 23 EX is contained in a plastic housing and is designed for operation in explosion endangered areas, according to EN 50020, aimed classes: Eex ib I (gas mine areas) and Eex ib IIA T4 (explosion endangered areas). Only the permitted probes and batteries are to be used when using the instrument in an explosion endangered area.

    •  Only the permitted probes and batteries are to be used when using the instrument in an explosion endangered area.



    • The rapid, transreflective LCD display, i.e. use in direct light (sunlight etc.), plus a backlight, also has a high contrast, electronic, parallax-free graticule with a wide viewing angle.
    • It has a frequency range of 0.1 - 15 MHz and can be used on large test objects due to a maximum calibration range of 10m in steel.
    • Trigonometrical functions calculate the exact position of the reflector using angle-beam probes.
    • Operation interface with membrane keypad.
    • Menu-prompted operation (in 16 languages) on the display.
    • Digital display of up to four measurement readings (sound path, surface distance, reduced surface distance, depth) including echo amplitude (% screen height, dB above threshold or ERS)in the measurement line underneath the A-scan.
    • Display of any measurement reading enlarged in the A-scan.
    • Two monitor gates (second gate coupled to the first gate) in the bar display.
    • Three separate LEDs for displaying the gate alarm, the active suppression and the dual mode.
    • A-scan freeze and zoom modes (A-scan at full display width).
    •  Memory for 100 instrument settings or results including structured, alphanumeric data set information, directory and rapid preview of stored dataset.
    • Direct connection of a matrix printer having a graphics capability (HP DeskJet, HP LaserJet, EPSON FX/LX or Seiko DPU 414) via the RS 232 port for printing a test report, including an A-scan in the set language.


    Calibration RangesMinimum 0 to 2.5 mm (0 to 0.1) + 10% (steel long)
    Maximum 0 to 9999 mm (0 to 390) + 10% steel long, in the frequency range from 0.1 to 4 MHz)
    Maximum 0 to 1420 mm (0 to 56 + 10% steel long, in the frequency range from 2 to 10 MHz)
    Sound Velocity Range1000 to 15000 M/S (40 to 600"/ms) variable in steps of 1 m/s (0.1"/ms) and fixed programmed values
    Pulse Shift-10 mm to 1024 mm
    Probe Delay0 to 99 �s
    Damping50 ohm, 500 ohm
    Pulse Power 1 nF, 2 nF
    Frequency Range (03dB)0.1 to MHz, 0.5 to 4 MHz, 0.8 to 8 MHz, 2 to 15 MHz
    Pulse Repetition Frequency4 - 1000 Hz; adjustable in 10 steps
    Gain110 dB, adjustable in steps: 0 (locked) / 0.5/1/2/6/12 dB
    Fine Gain 4 dB, continually in 40 steps
    RectificationFull wave, negative and positive halfwave
    SuppressionLinear, 0 to 80% of the display height, adjustable in steps of 1%
    Monitor Gate Individual gates in bar presentation, start and width are adjustable over the complete calibration range, threshold is adjustable from 10 to 90% of the display height in steps of 1% (coincidence and anticoincidence), alarm signal via LED or switchable, internal horn. Adjustable double gate for measurement of the sound path difference between two echoes, threshold and start point of the two gates.
    Sound Path Measurement Digital indication of the sound path (projection distance, depth) between initial pulse and the first echo in the gate, or between the echoes in the double gate; measurement at the cross point with the echo flank or echo peak.
    MeasurementResolution0.01 mm to 99.99 mm sound path
    0.1 mm from 100 to 999.9 mm sound path
    1 mm over 1000 mm sound path
    0.001" for sound path up to 390" (full range)
    With the evaluation of the frozen A-scan: 0.5% of the set calibration range
    Amplitude DisplayIn % of the display height or as dB above threshold
    Display Size/Resolution 96 mm x 76 mm (W x H) / 320 x 240 pixels
    A-scan Size/Resolution96 mm x 66 mm / 320 x 220 pixels (zoom)
    A-scan MemoryStatical (A-scan freeze)
    Direct DocumentationReport with A-scan
    Printer DriverHP DeskJet, HP LaserJet, EPSON FX/LX, Seiko DPU
    Interface RS 232C (bi-directional, 9600 baud), 9-pin DSUB
    Probe Connectors Two Lemo-1
    Dialog LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Yugoslavian, Rumanian, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Russian
    BatteriesFor operation in explosion endangered environment: permitted primary batteries, Duracell MN 1400 AIMn, NiCAD and NMH batteries can be used for operation in non-explosive areas
    Operation TimeApprox. 4 hours without backlight using primary batteries
    Mains OperationVia external plug-in power unit (85 - 265V AC) with DIN plug, only to be used in non-explosive areas
    Operating Voltage8V to 12V DC (external power unit)
    Current ConsumptionMax. 500 mA, depending on the setting
    Permissible Operating Temperature 0�C to +45�C; 32�F to 113�F
    Dimensions (H x W x D)90 mm x 260 mm x 160 mm
    3.6 inch x 10.3 inch x 6.3 inch
    WeightApprox. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.) including batteries
    Intrinsic Safety

    According to EN 50020, aimed classes: Eex ib I (gas mines) and Eex ib IIA T4 (explosion endangered areas)

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