SonoDur 3 – The Latest Advancement in UCI Hardness Testing

The innovative SonoDur 3 by NewSonic uses Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) Technology to deliver instant and reliable hardness results on difficult to reach surfaces. It is a 3rd generation tool that is built on the successes of previous models.

NewSonic SonoDur 3 taking a measurement on a gear with an SONO-8M motor probe.
NewSonic SonoDur 3 taking a measurement on a gear with a SONO-8M motor probe.

The SonoDur 3 – A Versatile Hardness Testing Instrument

Newsonic’s SonoDur 3 allows inspection on a multitude of different surface geometries and surface conditions. This equipment is designed for portable and immediate hardness testing in research labs, quality inspections, production facilities and in the field. The latest innovation from NewSonic is based on a user-friendly Android system that enables modern data transfer technologies like Bluetooth, WLAN and USB with unlimited storage capacity.

Bluetooth and WLAN enable the user unparalleled data handling capabilities of single measurements or of completed datasets. Intelligent data management allows simple access and back traceability of the results. The data can also be exported in a txt delimited format for cross-platform data transfer.

Internationally Recognized UCI Hardness Technology

NewSonic and the SonoDur series hardness testers are internationally recognized for portable UCI hardness testing. The SonoDur 3 Ultrasonic Impedance Technology is based on a diamond that is resting at the end of a vibrating rod that is depressed on a surface under a fixed load.  The Ultrasonic vibration frequency is then converted to a hardness value. The UCI has several advantages. It is portable, easy and accurate. It is not restricted to large mass items and can measure light and thin walled samples. The Sonodur 3 can also acquire hardness in large parts as well.

Lightweight & Portable

SonoDur 3 with case.
The SonoDur 3 with travel case makes it incredibly portable for in-field testing.

The lightweight and portable design of the SonoDur 3 allows seamless integration with a multitude of available stands and probes to tackle even the most challenging parts and locations. It also provides inspectors instant access to data via its wireless interface. No longer do you need to connect cables to transfer data. The advanced communication features allow you to work with greater efficiency, resulting in time and cost savings.

An Improved Version of the MIC 10/MIC 20

SonoDur 3 is a natural replacement for the now discontinued MIC 10/MIC 20 UCI hardness testers.  The MIC 10 and MIC 20 found their places in the industry featuring high portability and ease of measurement. Inspectors could use these light instruments in the field, working on pipes, scaffolds or for testing components in remote field locations. The wide range of available narrow probes allowed measurements to be taking on areas difficult to reach such as tooth flanks or root of gears.

The Most Complete UCI Hardness Testing Solution

The SonoDur 3 comes to fill the gap after the discontinuation of MIC 10/MIC 20. The SonoDur 3 works with a suite of 18 different probes with test forces ranging from 1N-98N, making it the most universal UCI hardness testing solution available. The new system makes the transition seamless with an intuitive interface and touchscreen as well as with the latest available technologies in OS, statistical data management, and wireless data transfer.

According to Stephen Berg, CEO of Berg Engineering, “Simply put, with the launch of the SonoDur 3, NewSonic took the best, reliable UCI hardness testers in the MIC 10 and MIC 20 and made them better.”

NewSonic SONO-205 probe compared to a MIC 10 205 probe and MIC 10 testing with a SONO-205 probe.

The NewSonic SONO-205 probe compared to a MIC 10 205 probe. The SONO-205 will work with the MIC 10 and can be upgraded to work with the SonoDur 3.

NewSonic also makes probes and cables that can still be used with the MIC 10 in case you still want to use that equipment for its useful life. However, if you make the switch to the SonoDur 3, users will find the transition to be seamless. The intuitive interface and the familiar probes will guarantee that the learning curve for the transitioning user will be smooth.

SonoDur 3 Applications

The SonoDur 3 along with the appropriate accessory can measure hardness on

  • Round parts
  • Light/heavy parts
  • High hardness parts
  • Large and thin parts
  • Heat treated surfaces
  • Hard to access testing locations
  • Access to testing from one side of applications
  • Minimal surface impact by test method

The applications are limitless. Some successful implementations are:

  • Welds
  • Gears
  • Turbine blades
  • Carburizing
  • Annealing
  • Quench and Temper
  • Rail Testing
  • Flanges
  • Engine blocks
  • Shafts
  • Coils
  • Pipes
  • Extrusions

SonoDur 3 Probes

A full suite of probes is readily available. SonoDur 3 works with both manual and motorized probes. The appropriate probe enables the user to provide reliable and accurate hardness measurements depending on his application.

NewSonic Standard Handheld Probe SONO-50H, 49N/5 kgf.

NewSonic Standard Handheld Probe SONO-50H, 49N/5 kgf.

Standard probes. The standard handheld probes have a range of 10N-98N and can measure hardness on metal, industrial ceramic and depending on the specifics highly heterogeneous materials, such as cast iron. Newsonic’s standard handheld probes are interchangeable with SonoDur2 as well as SonoDur-R ‘Rack’.

Newsonic Standard Handheld Probe, Long Version, SONO-10HL, 10N/1kgf.

Newsonic Standard Handheld Probe, Long Version, SONO-10HL, 10N/1kgf.

Standard probes long version. The long probes increase the capabilities of your hardness measurement by providing accurate readings at hard to reach locations. The long handheld probe is engineered for challenging geometries such as at the base of gear teeth or the root of a thread. The capabilities are identical to the standard probes. Users have a choice of test forces between 10N and 98N.

Special version probe with thin tip. The special version thin tip handheld probes enable access to the most intricate locations. Choice of load between 10 and 49N.

Newsonic Handheld Probe, Long Thin Version, SONO-50HL.17, 49N/5 kgf.

Newsonic Handheld Probe, Long Thin Version, SONO-50HL.17, 49N/5 kgf.

Long thin version. The long thin version probe offers another option for difficult to reach geometries. Choice of load between 10 and 49N.

NewSonic Motor Probe SONO-1M, 1N/0.1kgf.

NewSonic Motor Probe SONO-1M, 1N/0.1kgf.

Motor probe with switching sleeve and screwed switching sleeve. The motorized probes are ideal for accurate measurement as they provide equal force distribution every time. There is no need for an operator, stand or guidance aide and they have a very small error. The automation of the process ensures consistent measurements. The control over the load application makes these probes ideal for delicate surfaces that cannot withstand high fluctuation of pressure. The motor probes come in test forces ranging from 1N to 8.6N.

Newsonic Special Version in Mobile Stand 50N, 5 kgf, with probe shoes designed for testing various types of parts.

Newsonic Special Version in Mobile Stand 50N, 5 kgf, with probe shoes designed for testing various types of parts.

Special mobile handheld hardness measurement probe. This handheld probe with a mobile stand allows for different applications. There are 5 probe shoes designed for different geometries including large and small curvature parts such as shafts and screws, wires and flat surfaces.

When using the SonoDur 3 you have the option to increase your accuracy and repeatability by using one of the specially designed stands. There is backwards compatibility so all the stands available for SonoDur 2 can now be used with SonoDur 3.

There is an appropriate test stand that better suits each application. These probes come in test forces ranging from 10N to 98N.

SonoDur 3 Test Stands

Precision test stand for handheld probes. This stand enables exact positioning of handheld probes. It is better suited for use on a workbench. It allows vertical and rotational positioning of the probe.

Magnetic precision test stand. This stand is fitted with an on/off positioning magnet. It can be mounted and dismounted quickly and securely on ferrous parts. It also allows vertical and rotational positioning of the probe.

Precision test stand for motor probes. This test stand can be used on a benchtop workspace as well as on parts on the floor. It allows for testing of flat surfaces as well as large pipes. The base consists of 2 parallel cylinders which facilitates the positioning and alignment of the probe on curved surfaces. The SonoDur 3 unit is attached safely and securely on this stand which also has a handle for easy pickup and placement.

Magnetic precision test stand for welds. This stand facilitates multiple measurements that need to be done along a single direction or on a grid. It is fitted with two hand wheel driven positioning slides that allow the user to control precisely the length between each measurement. It is best suited for weld hardness traverse or for case depth measurements.

Next Steps in Your UCI Hardness Testing

The Sonodur 3 is a high precision portable hardness tester based on the proven UCI technology quick measuring hardness of cast parts, heat affected zone welds, nitrided or carburized surfaces, thin wall parts, bearing, gears etc. The device has an interactive interface with Bluetooth connectivity and modern data storage capabilities. It is optimal for field and laboratory inspections.

How to Purchase the SonoDur 3 or Help with Your MIC 10/MIC 20

If you are interested in purchasing a SonoDur 3 or need technical assistance with your MIC 10 or MIC 20 hardness testers, please contact one of our Berg Engineering sales engineers by calling 847-577-3980 or email

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