NewSonic Motor Probe with Switching Sleeve and Screwed Switching Sleeve (NS-MOTOR-PROBE)

    NewSonic Motor Probe with Switching Sleeve and Screwed Switching Sleeve
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    Motorized measurement probes from NewSonic are ideal for testing the hardness of delicate surfaces as they produce an equal distribution of force at all times. NewSonic's motorized probes come in test forces of 1N, 3N and 8.6N (0.1 kgf, 0.3 kgf and 0.9 kgf). Motorized probes take measurements without the need for an operator, stand or guidance aid and have a very narrow tolerance range. The motorized measure process ensures consistency in measurements and ideal for surfaces that cannot take a lot pressure when compared with manual probes.

    The integrated motorized controls allow measurements to be made with virtually zero influence from the operator. The time period for the test load can be set between 1 and 99 seconds. The special force application properties (freely selectable penetration time point with constant test force) means that the visual assessment of Vickers indentations can also be performed at a later point. The material’s hardness is tested using the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance or modified Vickers procedure) method.

    Both the SonoDur2 as well as the SonoDur-R 'Rack' are compatible with NewSonic's motorized probes. They can be adapted to most devices using a standard USB interface.

    The motorized probes from NewSonic offer extremely reliable and repeatable measurements. All UCI measurement probes are designed to be highly precise and provide stable and informative measurements. All of NewSonic's motorized measurement probes are designed to be highly accurate and guarantee repeatable results that will remain stable over a long period. Measurements include the entire range of the traditional Vickers hardness scale. 

    If you require probes with different dimensions or test loads, contact Berg Engineering at 847-577-3980 or email and we can work directly with you to get you the probe you need.


    Features of Motor Probes:
    • Robust mechanical construction, housing made from anodized aluminum - for everyday use. Long-term stability due to its special design.
    • State of the art signal processing within the probe which links via a standard USB interface to the display unit - making it universally compatible with most devices.
    • There is only minor scattering of measurement values which remains constant even in the case of high hardness levels.
    • Fully adjustable to almost all technical materials. The CAL number was designed to compensate automatically for the E-module.
    • Universally adaptable to most devices.
    • Highly flexible probe to display unit cable, custom lengths possible.
    • Low service costs thanks to a modular construction and replaceable Vickers diamonds in the event of repairs.
    • Reliable storage of calibration values.

    Areas of application:

    • For everyday use.
    • For thin and delicate surface layers, such as in the printing industry, pistons, plating.
    • Can be used with SonoDur2 and SonoDur-R as well as many other systems.
    • For testing surface hardness - copper gravure printing industry, automobile sector.


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