NewSonic Handheld Hardness Measurement Probe Long Version (NS-LONG-HH-PROBE)

    NewSonic Handheld Hardness Measurement Probe Long Version
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    The Long Handheld Probes from New Sonic are reliable and provide accurate measurements for hardness testing. The probes are ideal for general, hand-held testing procedures for production, maintenance and quality assurance. NewSonic's long handheld probes are the right solution for quick measurements for a breadth of different measurement points.

    The long version of the handheld probe enables you to reach difficult measurement positions. The long handheld probe is meant for challenging material geometries such as at the base of gear teeth or similar.

    The material's hardness is tested using the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) method. The long handheld probes work with the SonoDur2 as well as the SonoDur-R 'Rack' and can be setup with most devices using a standard USB interface. 

    Precise measurement is the goal. All of NewSonic's long handheld measurement probes are designed to be highly accurate and guarantee repeatable results that will remain stable over a long period. Measurements include the entire range of the traditional Vickers hardness scale. The long handheld measurement probes can measure hardness on metal, industrial ceramic and, depending on the circumstance, highly heterogeneous materials, such as cast iron (spheroidal graphite cast iron GGG50). 

    If you require probes with different dimensions or test loads, contact Berg Engineering by clicking 'Request Quote' and we can work directly with you to get you the probe you need.

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