Yamamoto Vickers Macro Hardness Test Blocks (YAMAMOTO-MACRO-VICKERS)

    Yamamoto Vickers Macro Hardness Test Blocks
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    Yamamoto Macro Vickers Hardness Test Blocks are the highest quality test blocks available and have become the industry-leading standard for Vickers hardness reference.

    Each Yamamoto Macro Vickers Hardness Test Block conforms to JIS B7735 and ISO 6507-3 and comes with a certficate of calibration for these standards. 

    Each Yamamoto Macro Vickers Test Block can work with loads ranging from 1-10kgf, with hardness values of 100-1000HV, each with a 64mm diameter and 15mm thickness. The nominal hardness variance for each test block is ±15 HV.

    Each test block is durable enough to allow approximately 260 test points per block.* 

    These test blocks will match materials that you will measure in the field or laboratory settings.

    To maximize the useful life of your Yamamoto Macro Vickers Hardness test block, Berg recommends making indentations evenly over the test surface. Below is a diagram of the testable surface for each block.

    *If higher accuracy is required, we recommend limiting the number to test points to half that number.


    Classification Nominal Hardness Value Specifications

    Vickers 1-30 kgf

    Vickers 1-10 kgf

    HV 1000, 900, 800. 700 (± 15)

    HV 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 150, 100 (± 15)

    JIS B 7735, ISO 6507-3

    (ferrous) Ø64 x 15 mm

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