New NDT UV Lights: Versatile & Penetrant Resistant

Labino BB 2.0, Apollo 2.0, and GX Orion provide a reliable lighting solution..

Labino NDT UV lights: An innovative, versatile, and penetrant resistant UV light solution

Non-destructive testing solutions are often designed as a one-size-fits-all product, but that might not capture all of your unique industrial applications and demands. Whether you work in the military, aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing, criminal investigation, or another sector, your testing conditions and requirements might be so specialized that you have had difficulty finding an NDT UV light supplier that understands you.

Labino – the global leader in NDT UV lights – was formed with that exact mission in mind. Their range of original, first-to-market UV inspection lights and measurement instruments have had a major impact on the NDT testing industry in recent years.

GX Orion is the world’s first waterproof overhead UV inspection light for NDT

The penetrant resistant GX Orion has had ZERO LED failures.
The GX Orion has had ZERO LED failures recorded in the field.

Up until Labino launched their penetrant resistant UV light, the GX Orion, NDT professionals lacked an overhead UV light that could operate in inspection areas prone to water intrusion.  The GX Orion – certified with an ingress protection marking of IP68 waterproof and dustproof – can be used to cover large areas because of its modular design. The oil & gas industry is just one example of where a light such as this is a critical addition to NDT testing capabilities. Most impressively, since launching four years ago, there have been exactly ZERO LED failures recorded in the field with an installed base in over 50 countries.

The GX also has the endorsement of numerous certifications, including:

  •         ASTM E3022-2015
  •         Rolls-Royce RRES 90061
  •         Airbus AITM6-1001
  •         Pratt & Whitney
  •         The Boeing Co
  •         ISO 3059-12
  •         USAF requirements

When selecting your GX Orion, you can choose from three models, all of which come with a PLC interface:

  •         GX Orion Remote (≈ 1,500 – 7,000 μw/cm2)
  •         GX Orion UV & White Light (≈ 7,000 μw/cm2)
  •         GX Orion UV Only (≈ 4,500 μw/cm2)

Remarkably, the UV light beam profile is homogenous without any footprints showing from the LEDs, shades, dark spots, or other disturbing defects. Further, your GX Orion series NDT UV light will come with a 3-year warranty.

BB 2.0 Series handheld penetrant resistant UV light is the most powerful beam on the market

BB 2.0 are lightweight, penetrant resistant, and come with an instant-on function.
BB 2.0 models are lightweight, penetrant resistant, and come with an instant-on function.

Labino’s BB 2.0 series gives you a new handheld UV light system with 8 UV LEDs. It boasts the largest, smoothest, and uniform (lacking parallelism) beam profile on the market, with the BB 2.0 Artemis currently the world’s strongest beam. One unique feature about the BB 2.0 is that it is 100% free from UV-B and emits almost no white light. The U.S. Military and oil & gas industries have already reaped the benefits.

The BB 2.0 Series also has the endorsement of numerous certifications, including:

  •         ASTM E3022-2015
  •         Rolls-Royce RRES 90061
  •         Airbus AITM6-1001
  •         Pratt &Whitney
  •         The Boeing Co
  •         ISO 3059-12
  •         USAF requirements
  •         Penetrant resistant
  •         IP68 Waterproof

When selecting your BB 2.0 Series, you can choose from three models:

  •         Ikaros (≈ 4,000 μw/cm2, 10.6” Beam diameter > 1000 μw/cm2)
  •         Helios (≈ 9,000 μw/cm2, 11” Beam diameter > 1000 μw/cm2)
  •         Artemis (≈ 22,000 μw/cm2, 10.25 ” Beam diameter > 1000 μw/cm2)

All three models are lightweight, penetrant resistant, and come with an instant-on function, so they are easy to work with and you get full power immediately.

Apollo 2.0 UV & White Light Meter is high-tech and easy to use

The Apollo 2.0
The Apollo 2.0 measures UV-A irradiation.

Rounding out Labino’s recent offerings is the Apollo 2.0 UV and White Light Meter, which takes accurate UV-A irradiation and visible light measurements simultaneously. A key component of this product is the fully non-fluorescent bandpass filter. With auto-ranging and concurrent visible light UV-A measurement, you will get back fast measurements. It is a perfect complement to the BB 2.0, MidBeam 3.0, and UVG3 2.0 on the Olympos Stand.

Additionally, Apollo 2.0 is:

  •     NIST traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  •     ISO 3059 compliant (an improvement over predecessor Apollo 1.0)

The Apollo 2.0’s sensors take measurements and utilize Bluetooth to transmit readings. With the wireless sensor, you can measure from a distance of up to 16 feet. You can choose from either a single kit or double kit, the latter including an extra wireless sensor unit.

Berg Engineering is here for all your Labino NDT UV light needs

Berg Engineering is proud to be a Labino service center. We offer you a full package of support to make sure your Labino NDT UV LED Lighting experience is a success, including sales, training, and support. We offer Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and UV training both remotely and at your worksite. We have invested our time and expertise to ensure this product delivers as promised. At each step of your purchasing journey, from product research to purchase, to post-purchase support and training, we are by your side ensuring things run smoothly.

According to Stephen Berg, CEO of Berg Engineering, “Labino’s GX Orion demonstrates exactly why Labino has had such an impact in the NDT industry. It is the world’s first waterproof overhead UV lamp. We’ve already seen our clients succeed with this release, and we can’t wait to see what problem Labino will solve next!”


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