Ultrasonic Leak Detection: the LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3

Numerous industries from paper mills to power plants utilize steam traps and compressed air in their daily operations. Both of which can be hard to maintain and are prone to leaks.

In fact, nearly 20-30%1 of compressed air within a plant is lost in production and almost 30%2 of the steam traps in an older factory are likely to be faulty. This means that companies are not only eating up power to create compressed air, but are losing money in trying to maintain it.

How does this happen?

The answer is inconsistent leak testing. With the amount of large machinery, long pipe runs, and multiple interconnections within a factory, testing for possible leaks becomes complicated and time-consuming.

Which is where the LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 can help.



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The LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 is a new ultrasonic leak detector crafted by Synergys Technologies that uses ultrasonic technology to detect compressed air leaks and steam trap failures. Through a unique leak detection camera and a dynamic on-screen target, the LKS1000-V3 allows users to pinpoint the precise location of leaks.

Now let’s take a look at how…

What can it do?

The LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 features the STRAPSHOOTER®, a new and easy to use firmware that can automatically detect issues and diagnose the condition of a steam trap. But that’s not all; the program also comes equipped with a highly sensitive camera capable of finding minuscule compressed air system leaks up to 20 meters away.

small-leak-targetTo help users accurately and clearly identify these far-away leaks, the LKS1000-V3 uses a color-coded system. At the center of the device’s back display a target will appear, then depending on how close you are to the leak, the target will change both color and size. For example, a large green target means you aren’t close to the leak, while a smaller red target means you are directly in front of it. Users can then take pictures of the exact location of the leak and save them directly to the LKS1000-V3. Each picture is time stamped, numbered, and dated, and can be easily uploaded via a supplied USB cable to any PC.

PURGEUR-3-ULTRASONThe LEAKSHOOTER® also carries an embedded infrared pyrometer to measure live-updates of a pipe or stream trap’s T° IN & T° OUT (temperature in and temperature out), which are then graphed along with RMS, MIN, and MAX values. Along with this, users can use the LKSPROBE to easily assess and hear the internal movement of a steam trap to detect abnormalities more accurately.

In addition, the LKS1000-V3 comes with professional grade plug-in headphones to allow users the more traditional method of leak detection by listening for a hissing sound.

Want to know more? Take a look at it in action.

So why is this technology so important?

Leak detection, one small area of NDT or Nondestructive Testing, is aimed at keeping people and structures safe while helping companies run more efficiently.

Regularly monitoring air, vacuum, and steam trap installations within a plant can help cut down on expenses, energy waste, and boost all around efficiency.

While every industry is different, it is recommended to set a schedule of regular testing based on the age and the amount of equipment involved in running operations. This will ensure that energy savings remain consistent and the potential hazards common to compressed air leaks are more preventable.

So which industries benefit?

Any factory that utilizes compressed air, gas, or has a boiler room can benefit from the LEAKSHOOTER® LKS1000-V3 –

• Automotive Industry
• Paper Mills
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Food Plants
• Shipping Companies
• Laboratories

Due to its compact size, lightweight design and easy sensitivity adjustment, the LKS1000-V3 is a must-have for factory maintenance staff and air compressor system installation teams.

In the End

Leak testing is vital for companies hoping to boost efficiency, save time and energy, and prevent the cost involved in stalled production due to leaks.

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