Ritec RiCubio S for Pipes from ID 50-300 mm (80198)

    Ritec RiCubio S for Pipes from ID 50-300 mm

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    This product has been discontinued.

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    The Ritec RiCubio S, for pipes from ID 50 mm (2") up to ID 300 mm (12"), adapts to the conditions of any construction site. This compact Push Pull Camera module is perfect for those looking to perform inspections with a unit that maximizes comfort, mobility, and reliability.

       - Camera electronic for all camera functions
       - 30 m (100 ft.) pushcable, 8.5 mm in diameter
       - Pushcable length up to 40 m (130 ft.) possible
       - Prepared for changeable digital camera heads
       - Video – out BNC
       - Mains power from 100V AC up to 240V AC
       - Simple carrying via different grip possibilities (lateral, in front of the breast, etc.)
       - Lifting in pairs (onto a scaffold for example)
       - Passing to another person (into a trench for example)
       - All-round protection by circular cage
       - Composition of sturdy stainless steel, high-quality synthetic material and lightweight aluminum 
         for a perfect relation between stability and weight
       - Industry-mounted reel basket
       - Stable stand by large footprint
       - Splash water protected
       - Display turnable in all directions
       - Choice between 5.6“ and 8“ Tablet and video
       - Picture memory on SD recording
    Remote Control
       - Remote control with park position on the reel
       - Joystick with improved ease of use (optional)
       - Belt clip
       - High grade wheel disc brake
       - Rapid choice twist grip (fine adjustable via twist-part on the grip)
    Meter Counter
       - High-precision meter counter with displaying in the monitor set of meters, on/off with buttons 
       - Minimum of movable elements
       - Service pleasent by numerous plug connections and modular structure
       - Easy packaging and transporting because of cubical form
       - Bag for small parts

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