ModScope Automotive Videoscope, 3.5 Inch Display (MODSCOPE-AUTO)

    ModScope Automotive Videoscope, 3.5 Inch Display

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    The ModScope Automotive Videoscope by Berg Engineering is lightweight with a superior 8 hour work time for excellent performance in the field. Enhance your POD (Probability of Detection) with smooth articulation and a powerful camera during routine or special inspections. The modular design provides a cost-effective solution with customizability in display and probe. Accessories included with the ModScope are 2 lithium-ion batteries, a card reader, a 32GB SD card, a charger, a USB cable, and a user manual.

    Berg Engineering's ModScope is ideal for inspecting the complex geometries common to the automotive industry. Whether it's inspecting hard-to-see electrical components or exhaust systems, the Automotive ModScope is a versatile tool for quality control.

    A Modular Unit

    The Modscope Videoscope unit is designed to be user-friendly, with simple joystick control and one-key toggle to switch light sources. A 3.7V dual battery system provides 8 hours of work time, a battery charge indicator on the bottom of the handle allowing for quick evaluation of the charge levels. Data ports, HDMI and Micro USB, are water and dust proof. In event of damage, the modular design allows for convenient and cost-effective replacement of the display or probe.

    The ModScope Automotive Videoscope unit consists of a 3.5" TFT display and an ergonomic handle that reduces user fatigue. This lightweight unit only weighs a total of 2 lbs! 

    Durable, Articulating Probes

    Utilize the damping-type positioning and the probe-locking features to position the probe as needed without hassle. Probes have 360° all-way articulation with a maximum bending angle of 170°. The ModScope Automotive Videoscope offers an IP67 6mm or 8mm probes with a length of 1.0m. Probes have a choice of light source, Super LED (40,000 lux) or Super LED (55,000 lux). The lens available is frontview only.

    The Modscope 6mm and 8mm cameras utilize one megapixel for a clear, precise image. Image/video resolution is crisp and clear with 1280x720 pixels. The camera can zoom in and out 4x to view possible defects in greater detail. For added durability, the probe is protected by a 42mm buffer protection device between the probe and handle.

    User-Oriented Technology

    Built-in software features adjustable image parameters, rotation, playback, and an onscreen scale. Automatic white balance adjusts to provide an optimal image, especially in natural outdoor settings. Images and video can be output via wifi or a HDMI/Micro-USB cable as a JPEG, MOV, or AVI file. A selection of languages, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, and more, are available to best fit the user.

    The additional temperature sensor is available for those working in harsher environments. When the temperature is over 80°C (176°F), the Videoscope unit displays the temperature in red and enters shutdown.


    • Easy capture of video and still images
    • Rugged, 5-layer tungsten sheathing with 42 mm buffer device between probe and handle
    • Ideal for inspecting engines, pipes, castings, valves, exhaust systems, and more
    • High-resolution 3.5" LCD display
    • LED light source for optimal inspection conditions
    • Independent 360° articulation 160° bending angle



    Probe Camera Diameter 8mm 6mm
    Illuminance Super LED: 55,000 lux Super LED: 40,000 lux
    Probe Length &
    Bending Angle
    1.0m/150° 1.0m/170°
    Field of View 120°
    Depth of Field 10-100mm
    Front View
    Damping positioning
    Articulation 360° joystick control with articulation lock
    Camera Pixels 1 megapixel




    Tube Durability

    5 layers of wear-resistant tungsten; 42mm buffer device between tube and handle


    IP67 Dust Proof and Waterproof


    Unit Display 3.5”; with wide color gamut, HDMI Out, and all sight viewing angle, sunshade design
    Data Transmission Wi-Fi transmission to mobile phone or computer (Optional); HDMI video output; Micro USB
    Software Intelligent processing system with rotation, auto white balance, comparative measurement, negative film, 4x zoom, and exposure control functions
    Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Polish, Latvian
    Optional high temperature alarm alerts the operator when the temperature rises above 149°F, and shuts down at 176°F 
    Battery Lithium-Ion, 3.7V, 3,200mAh×2
    Power Charge DC5V, Maximum Current: 1A
    Working Time ≥8h
    Storage SD Card (Maximum 32G)
    Weight 1.8 lbs
    Warranty 1 Year on Parts & Labor
    Environmental IP65 Dust Proof and Splash Proof (Water)


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