FW Bell 5276 RoHS Gauss Meter (includes SAH17-1904 Axial Probe and Domestic AC Adapter) (710-415270-03)

    FW Bell 5276 RoHS Gauss Meter (includes SAH17-1904 Axial Probe and Domestic AC Adapter)
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    Introducing the 5200 Series Hall Effect Portable Gaussmeters - The Ultimate Magnetic Measuring Equipment

    Discover the cutting-edge 5200 series Hall effect portable gaussmeters, the latest innovation from the leading magnetic measuring equipment provider. With state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology, these gaussmeters deliver unrivaled accuracy and performance.

    Achieve Measurements from 0 to 30 kG with Unmatched Precision

    The 5200 series gaussmeters boast F.W. Bell's exclusive dynamic probe correction, ensuring accurate measurements with a remarkable 1% basic accuracy. Whether you require gauss, tesla, or ampere/meter readings, both models provide you with the flexibility to choose the desired unit effortlessly.

    Advanced Features for Seamless Operation

    Experience convenience like never before with the advanced features of the 5200 series. Benefit from auto zero, min./max./peak hold, auto range, and relative mode functionalities, simplifying your magnetic field measurements. Moreover, both the 5280 and 5270 models feature a corrected analog output (±3V FS) and a USB communication port, enabling seamless data transfer and integration.

    Effortless Calibration and User-Friendly Interface

    Say goodbye to complex calibration procedures. The 5200 series hand-held gaussmeters are equipped with built-in software that eliminates the need for cumbersome calibration processes. The custom formatted LCD guides you with user prompts, allowing for quick and simple push-button and touch operations.

    Complete Package for Versatile Applications

    Each model in the 5200 series comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including a detachable transverse probe, zero gauss chamber, instruction manual, hard carrying case, and a Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Additionally, you can enhance your magnetic field measurements with optional axial, ultra-thin transverse, and low-field probes.

    Elevate Your Magnetic Field Measurements with the 5200 Series

    Upgrade your magnetic measuring capabilities with the powerful and feature-rich 5200 series Hall effect portable gaussmeters. Experience unrivaled accuracy, user-friendly operation, and a complete package of accessories for all your magnetic field measurement needs. Order now to unlock the true potential of magnetic measuring technology.


    • 4.3” LCD touch-screen
    • Controls for sound/brightness/dark mode
    • 10 to 14 hours on Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • 2 hours charge time typically
    • USB-C 2.0
    • Remote PC control option
    • 512 kBit internal memory (5280)
    • Audio/visual alert when in range (5280)
    • CE compliant

    Additional Info

    Package Includes

    • 5276 RoHS Gauss Meter
    • 4" Axial Probe (SAH17-1904)
    • Zero Gauss Chamber
    • Domestic AC Adapter
    • (1) 3.6V Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery
    • Instruction Manual
    • Carrying Case
    • Manufacturers Certificate