Waygate Krautkramer ASME-625 Reference Plate Carbon Steel (118-540-360)

    Waygate Krautkramer ASME-625 Reference Plate Carbon Steel
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    The Waygate Technologies Krautkramer ASME-625 Reference Plate, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is used for longitudinal, shear, and surface wave sensitivity calibrations and is made of carbon steel. Contains six flat-bottom holes: three 4/64” diameter, one each at depths of .050”, .250”, and .500”; one 4/64” diameter at 1.500” deep; one 8/64” diameter at 1.625” deep; and one 16/64” diameter at 1.750” deep. Also contains the calibration notch. In accordance with ASME 1275N Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III, Nuclear Vessels.

    • Dimensions: 12.000" x 6.000" x .500"
    • Made from carbon steel.
    • Fitted wooden storage case optional