Waygate Technologies UltraDoc 4 Flaw Detector Software (022-106-630)

    Waygate Technologies UltraDoc 4 Flaw Detector Software



    This product has been discontinued.

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    For use with GEIT USN58 Series and USN60 Flaw Detectors

    UltraDOC 4.x is an easy-to-use Windows™-based ultrasonic flaw detection analysis software designed to simplify the transfer, storage and printing of the USN 60 and USN 58R ultrasonic flaw detectors’ data and reports. Reports can be easily generated to Microsoft Word, Excel, or in HTML format.

    Software Features:

    • Transfer instrument settings from the test instrument to a PC, store them as ASCII text for further processing
    • Transfer any display contents of your choice, store them in IMG, BMP or PCX format for further processing
    • Store complete instrument settings and calibration tables and transfer them back to the test instrument
    • Gain a quick overview of stored test data
    • Remote control your test instrument.