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    The USN 58L is a portable ultrasonic flaw detector designed for use in direct sunlight with its color transflective LCD display and 60 Hz update rate. The USN 58L is a replacement for the USN 50L and 52L and lives up to its predecessors’ high reputations.

    Operating adjustments are easily and quickly made using two rotary knobs which can be locked by pressing the lock key on the front panel. With four dampening settings and ten frequency settings, matching to probe characteristics is simple and efficient. With 8 hours of battery life, this flaw detector can be used continuously for a full work day.

    Included in the base instrument package is the USN 58L ultrasonic flaw detector, a lithium ion on-board rechargeable battery pack, a lithium ion battery charger, an AC power supply, LCD screen overlays, an operating manual and a certificate of calibration.

    Other accessories offered include a soft carrying case, a soft accessory pouch, Windows software, battery charger, AC power supply and other cables.


    USN 58L - Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Use in Direct Sunlight

    The USN 58L is a portable ultrasonic flaw detector with color transreflective LCD display, fast 60 Hz update rate, and optimum viewing in direct sunlight. The USN 58L replaces the popular USN 50L and 52L instruments, and upholds the USN Series reputation for being top performing, rugged, dependable field instruments.

    Two user-friendly rotary knobs allow users to make fast operating adjustments very easily. The rotary knobs can be easily locked by pressing the lock key on the front panel. A .040 to 480 inch range in steel combined with 15 to 2000 PRF (pulse repetition frequency) covers a wide range of applications without incurring acoustic wrap around. Four damping settings and ten frequency selections from 250 Khz to 25 Mhz enable optimum matching to probe characteristics. Two independent flaw gates with real-time analog and TTL outputs provide maximum applications versatility. Full 8 hours of use with "on-board" rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack

    Base Instrument Package

    • USN 58L
    • LI-437 - Lithium Ion "on-board" rechargeable battery pack
    • LIBC-419 - Lithium Ion battery charger / AC power supply
    • LCD-139 - Clear, field replaceable, LCD Screen Overlays (pkg. 10)
    • OP-241 - Operating Manual
    • Certificate of Calibration


    • SCC-071 - Soft Carry Case with padded adjustable shoulder strap and light shield
    • SAP-112 - Soft Accessory Pouch, detachable, for use with soft carry case
    • UDFW UltraDOC 4.0 - WindowsTM Documentation Software
    • PCCBL-841 - Nine pin serial PC cable
    • PRTCBL-518 - Serial printer cable
    • PRTCBL-842 - Parallel printer interface cable
    • I/O-398 - Real time I/O cable (DB15 termination at instrument only)
    • EAA-008 - External audible alarm
    • MS-464 - Master/slave interconnect cable
    • REM-514 - Remote copy hand switch
    • FS-951 - Remote copy foot switch
    • LCC-315 - Heavy-duty, lockable transport case
    • NiMH-128 - 6ea. D-size rechargeable NiMH batteries, 9.0 amp hour
    • BPSN - Detachable Battery Frame
    • BC-809 - Battery Charger
    • AC-373 - AC Power Supply