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    The USN 58R Portable Flaw Detector -,New EL display, more performance, easier to use, and it loves the cold.

    The new USN 58R, introduced to the North American market in October 2001, incorporates the most requested features in the easiest-to-use instrument available.  The USN 58R with hi-brite EL display, 60 Hz update rate, and "single shot" measurement technique produce a fast, smooth response for critical field testing. A new reverse video mode and wide viewing angle provide improved viewing outdoors and operation in lower temperature environments.

    Fast "spin & set" operation using two rotary knobs, trigonometric flaw location calculations with curvature correction, and a new AWS D1.1 weld rating calculation make it an ideal instrument for portable weld inspection. A 480" measurement range in steel, .25 to 25 Mhz frequency capability, two independent flaw gates, 2K (PRF) pulse repetition frequency, and real-time analog and TTL outputs provide maximum versatility to satisfy a wide range of testing applications. The exclusive SmartView feature displays the most important information (relevant shot) for critical scanning and rotating part inspections. Full 8 hours of use with "on-board" rechargeable lithium Ion battery pack.

    The quality, durability, dependability, and ease of use that you have come to expect of Krautkramer’s popular USN Series of instruments remains. From rugged field inspections to immersion systems work, the USN 58R can handle your testing requirements and keep on handling them.

    • Hi-brite EL Display (320 x 240 pixels) with wide viewing angle, unique signal processing, & 60 Hz update rate produces a fast, smooth response
    • 2 Independent Gates monitor amplitude and soundpath distance for both flaw detection and thickness measurement applications
    • AWS D1.1 Weld Rating Calculation and trigonometric flaw location calculations for weld inspection
    • Legs of angle beam inspection are shown in different colors on the live A-scan waveform
    • 15 Hz to 2K Hz PRF (pulse repetition frequency) with AutoLOW and AutoHIGH settings, Manual adjustment, and External trigger capability
    • Unique SmartView function along with variable persistence freeze modes displays the most important information (relevant shot) for a test
    • Baseline Break feature resolves dynamic echo information to the baseline for enhanced performance beyond analog displays
    • Real Time (single shot) Analog and TTL Outputs handle a wide range of systems applications
    • RF Display Mode enhances signal evaluation and bond inspection of dissimilar materials
    • IF (interface) Gate Option for automatic start of the display, Gates A or B, and/or DAC/TCG for immersion testing applications
    • BEA (backwall echo attenuator) Option allows independent gain control of the region under Gate B for backwall echo monitoring
    • 250 KHz to 25 MHz Capability with 10 selectable frequency ranges to match probe for optimum performance

    Hi-Brite EL Display:

    • Optimum visibility indoors & cold environment use
    • Operates down to - 20o C / -4o F
    • Easy to read from any position or angle
    • Select low or high intensity to match lighting conditions and personal preference
    • Choose reverse video mode for outdoor use or to relieve boredom & eye fatigue

    User Preferred Features:

    • Simple Operations with Fast Rotary Knob "Spin & Set" Adjustments; gain is always directly accessible with the left-hand rotary knob and lockable
    • Auto CAL makes calibration fast & easy
    • Zoom key expands the A-scan across the entire screen for a close-up view of the echo dynamics
    • Gate Magnify Key expands the selected gate to full screen width for detailed indication evaluation
    • 4 Selectable Damping Settings (50, 75, 150, & 1000 ohms) for optimum probe performance
    • .040" to 480" (1 to 12,192 mm) Range (in steel) covers thin to lengthy acoustically clean materials
    • dB Step Key with 6 settings including a user specified gain setting for fast, easy gain adjustments
    • 65 Selectable Material Velocities at the user’s fingertips
    • Alphanumeric Thickness Datalogger for flexible, convenient storage of thickness readings in Linear, Grid, or Custom-Linear file structures with user-input filenames, location I.D.’s , notes, memo, & header fields
    • Lock in the dB step menu locks both rotary knobs to prevent inadvertent changes; Master Lock in the options menu locks all keys and operating parameters except the gain function
    • Interface-to-1st or Multi-Echo Thickness Measurements with selectable flank or peak detection
    • Test Key steps through the test menu, coarse range markers, and display delay & range values upon successive presses
    • dB REF Key evaluates subsequent echoes gain value and amplitude against the highest echo in gate A (reference echo) when activated
    • Versatile, Flexible Carry Bag with padded adjustable neck strap, accessories bag, and lid that doubles as a light shield for easy transport and use in limited access areas
    • Weighs Only 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg) including D-size batteries for convenient use anywhere
    • Six Hours of Use on D-size NiMH batteries. NiCAD or alkaline batteries can also be use (AC adapter for benchtop use)

    Digital Advantages:

    • Choose from Four Freeze Modes: ALL, Peak Std, Compare or Envelope for optimum waveform evaluation and comparison
    • Behind-the-Freeze Mode allows dynamic time base adjustments on frozen
    • Trigonometric Flaw Location Function with curvature correction automatically calculates depth, surface distance, and sound path to flaw along with the leg of the inspection when    using shear-wave (angle beam) probes
    • Four Digital Display Boxes along with a large display box simultaneously display the most important information along with the A-Scan waveform as selected by the user. Contents of    the large display box can be sent out the RS232 port or to the onboard thickness data logger.
    • Upgrade CD is provided with each instrument to easily upgrade the Operating Software via Krautkramer’s website in approximately 30 minutes. Downtime of returning the instrument for upgrade or to add capabilities is eliminated.

    Documentation and Recording:

    • Store & Preview a minimum of 225 user-named data sets with A-Scans for quick recall and instrument setup
    • UltraDOC IV (Windows 98/NT) software program for bi-directional communication with a PC for easy storage of data sets with A-Scan and documentation of test results (future compatibility with UltraMATE & UltraPIPE programs)
    • Reports with A-Scans are output directly to a variety of printers including HP DeskJet & LaserJet series

    Options for More Measurement Capability:

    • 40 dB Dynamic Multiple Curve DAC/TCG Option corrects for distance / amplitude variations from material loss and beam spread with ability to edit recorded echoes individually. Up to 4 DAC curves can be drawn on the screen at one time to show +/- 12 dB curves in addition to the originally recorded DAC curve. Up to 16 data points can be recorded with a maximum curve slope of 6dB per microsecond. Meets or exceed industry requirements for TCG.
    • IF (Interface) Gate Option for automatic start of the display, Gates A or B, and/or DAC/TCG for immersion testing applications. IF Advanced allows an advanced user to make interface offset adjustments and display the actual water path distance for immersion applications.
    • BEA (Backwall Echo Attenuator) Option allows independent gain control of the region under Gate B for backwall echo monitoring
    • DGS (Distance Gain Size) Option displays a curve for a particular gain of an equivalent reflector size as a function of the distance between the probe and the reflector for 25 selectable narrow-banded probes
    • RF Output Option outputs the raw RF waveform via a standard DB-15 connector for further analysis.

    USN 58R Base Instrument Package:

    • USN 58R Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with "HI-Brite" EL Display
    • LI-437 Lithium Ion "on-board" rechargeable battery
    • LIBC-419 Lithium Ion Battery Charger / AC power supply
    • OP-174 Operating Manual
    • Certificate of Conformity

    Recommended Accessories:

    • NiMH-128 6 each D-size Rechargeable NiMH Batteries, 9.0 amp hour
    • BPSN Detachable Battery Frame
    • BC-809Battery Charger
    • AC-373 AC Power Supply
    • LCD-139 Clear, field replaceable, LCD Screen Overlays (pkg.10)
    • SCC-071 Soft Carry Case with padded adjustable shoulder strap and light shield
    • SAP-112 Soft Accessory Pouch, detachable, for use with soft carry case
    • UDFW UltraDOC 4.X WindowsTM Documentation Software
    • PCCBL-841 9 pin Serial PC Cable
    • PRTCBL-518 Serial Printer Cable
    • PRTCBL-842 Parallel Printer Interface Cable
    • I/O-398 Real Time I/O Cable (DB15 termination at instrument only)
    • EAA-008 External Audible Alarm
    • MS-464 Master/Slave Interconnect Cable
    • REM-514 Remote Copy Hand Switch
    • FS-951 Remote Copy Foot Switch
    • LCC-315 Heavy-Duty, Lockable Transport Case


    0.040" to 480" ( 1 to 12,192mm) at steel velocity; range selectable in fixed steps or continuously variable
    Material Velocity
    Continuously adjustable from .0098 to .6299 inches/microsecond (250 to 16,000 m/second); 65 selectable material velocities
    Display Delay
    -20 to 3498 microseconds in steel (dependent on range)
    Probe Delay / Zero Offset
    0 to 999.9 microseconds
    0 to 110 dB adjustable in selectable steps 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0, user definable, and locked
    Test Modes
    Pulse echo, dual, and thru-transmission
    Spike/excitation pulse
    Pulse Repetition Frequency
    Autolow, autohigh, manually adjustable from 15 to 2000 Hz in 5 Hz increments, external trigger
    Pulse Energy
    Low, high
    50, 75, 150, 1000 ohms
    Bandwidth (amplifier bandpass)
    0.25 to 25 MHz with 10 selectable settings including broadband
    Gate Monitors
    Two independent flaw gates controllable over entire sweep range
    Measurement Modes
    Zero-to-first, multi-echo with selectable flank or peak detection
    Positive halfwave, negative halfwave, fullwave, RF
    Reject (suppression)
    0 to 80% linear
    Inch, millimeter, or microsecond selectable
    Operating Temperature
    -20oo C (-4o to 130o F); -40o to 105o C (-40o to 221o F) storable
    Selectable English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish Romanian, Czech, Slovakian
    Probe Connectors
    BNC or Lemo selectable at order
    International symbols
    Battery Power
    Lithium Ion Battery Pack (optional D-size NiMH batteries)
    Battery Life
    8 hours on lithium Ion battery pack
    11.1" W x 5.9" H x 6.25" D (282 x 150 x 159mm)
    6.3 lbs. (2.9 kg) with NiMH batteries;
    3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) without batteries
    2 year conditional warranty on parts and labor; free 2nd year contingent upon return of unit to Krautkramer within 13 months of purchase for recertification
    Weld Rating Calculation
    Simplifies the rating of weld indications according to AWS specification D1.1 (formula D=A-B-C)
    Color Leg
    Legs of angle beam inspection are shown in different colors on "live" A-scan waveform

    TTL Go / No Go
    Three independently assignable outputs; instantaneous, timed, latched with visual LED and audible horn alarms
    Four independently assignable outputs
    0 to 100% full screen ht. directly correspond to 0 to 2.5V
    Thickness (TOF)
    OV corresponds to the value on the left side of the screen or display delay; 2.5V corresponds to the value on the right side of the screen or range
    I/O Port
    Bi-directional RS232, baud rate selectable up to 115, 200, direct reports to printers (including HP DeskJet & LaserJet parallel printers)

    EL Display:
    4.5" x 3.4" (86 x 115 mm), 320 x 240 pixels, 1/4 VGA, brightness control, reverse video mode
    A-Scan Size
    220 x 200 pixels in normal mode, 220 x 100 in 1/2 screen mode, 320 x 200 in zoom mode
    A-Scan Update Rate
    60 Hz
    A-Scan Waveform Selections
    Hollow, filled, smart hollow, smart filled
    A-Scan Enhance Mode
    Baseline break

    Dedicated Key Functions:
    Displays the test menu, coarse range, markers, then displays delay & range under the A-Scan upon successive key presses
    Returns instrument to main menu
    Question Mark
    Displays help text for the four active parameters along right side of display
    Freezes the displayed A-Scan image according to the setting for the freeze mode in the configuration menu (all, peak std., compare, envelope peak)
    Sends information to the on-board datalogger or I/O port
    Expands A-Scan display area for increased screen resolution
    dB Step
    Selects gain increments
    Expands A-Scan display area for increased screen resolution

    Data Storage & Documentation:
    Minimum 225 datasets store all instrument operating parameters plus A-Scan; stored datasets can be easily previewed and recalled for quick, repeatable instrument setup
    Memory Retention
    2 years
    Alphanumeric Thickness Datalogger
    Up to 99,999 thickness readings with up to 6 (16-character) user defined notes per reading can be stored in three flexible, powerful file structures. 14-character file names with easy file navigation and viewing of both the A-Scan and thickness data provide by 1.2 screen testing mode. Thickness readings can be stored, viewed, cleared, or output directly to a printer.
    Thickness File Structures
    Linear (sequential), Grid (702 x 702), Custom-Linear with auto label capability
    Alphanumeric Input
    Quick & easy using two rotary knobs
    Inspection Memo, Notes, Header
    User definable memo (up to 252 characters), header (nine 160character lines), & 6 (16-character) thickness reading notes to further document inspection conditions on a per file basis
    File Preview
    Scroll to preview stored A-Scan & file header fields to easily select the proper file for recall

    Multiple Curve DAC (Distance Amplitude Curve)/TCG (Time Corrected Gain) for echo amplitude adjustment and evaluation, 40 dB dynamic range, 12 dB / microsecond slope, record up to 16 points, recorded points are individually editable, new points can be inserted. Display four additional curves based upon dB offset feature from originally recorded DAC curve. TCG attenuation and transfer correction features enable use on other materials and surface conditions.

    IF-626 (Interface) Gate Option For automatic start of the display, Gates A or B, and/or DAC/TCG for immersion testing applications where the water to top surface of the part varies

    RF-182 Output Option Outputs the raw RF waveform via a standard DB-15 connector for further analysis

    BEA (Backwall Echo Attenuator) Option Allows independent gain control of the region under Gate B for backwall echo monitoring

    DGS (Distance Gain Size) Option Displays a curve for a particular gain of an equivalent reflector size as a function of the distance between the probe and the reflector for 25 selectable narrow-banded probes

    Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice