Product Spotlight: GE Transport PT878 Flow Meter

Today, we’re looking at one of our most popular products: the GE TransPort PT878 flow meter. This unit packs some incredible features into a package that’s significantly lighter and more compact than other units on the market today.

The GE PT878 can measure liquid flow from outside nearly any pipe—plastic, metal, or concrete-lined—without an intrusive metering hole that could cause a drop in pressure, a leak, or contamination of the fluid. With the most advanced algorithms on the market, the PT878 can measure every conceivable pipe-transported material—anything from ultra-pure liquids to raw sewage and slurries.

The GE PT878 also features a patented Correlation Transit-Time digital signal processing technique to improve its signal-to-noise ratio. This signal processing allows the GE PT878 to produce accurate flow measurements for liquids that contain a suspended particulate, a second phase, or gas bubbles. A conventional transit time flow meter would fail in this type of situation. The GE PT878 can also outperform Doppler flow meters in measuring flow rate of ultra-clean liquids that do not contain any scattering material. Where many other flow meters fall short, the GE PT878 can handle nearly any application that comes its way.

Beyond the impressive algorithms, the PT878 also comes equipped with a datalogger that can store over 100,000 data points. The rechargeable battery will get you through a full day of continuous metering. You can even transfer your data files to a PC through a built-in infrared port. You won’t have to worry about dropping this sensitive equipment in liquid; the PT878 is IP67 rated for protection from spills and complete submersion. For extra functionality, you can even add an optional ultrasonic thickness gauge to check the integrity of the pipes your metered liquid is flowing through.
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To check availability and to get a quote for the GE PT878, give us a call at 847-577-3980. We’re happy to discuss your particular application and the way the GE PT878 can improve your workflow.

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