A Krautkramer By Any Other Name: What’s with the Change?

Ultrasonic flaw detection is one of the most common methods of non-destructive testing. The process is based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves through a material being tested. The waves that are generated by the unit are usually very short, with frequencies that mostly range from 0.1 to 15 MHz. These waves are transmitted into the material being tested using a probe transducer that is coupled with the specimen with a thin film of oil. The shape and frequency of the reflected pulses can then be used to detect internal flaws, or characterize the structure of the sample. The most common example is in the monitoring of corrosion on the interior of pipework but ultrasonic flaw detection is used in a wide range of industries including metallurgy, manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive sectors. Most materials that are tested are comprised of steel or similar alloys; however, ultrasonic testing can also be used on concrete, wood, and other composites with lower resolution results.

For many years, Krautkramer was the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic non-destructive testing devices but in 2004 Krautkramer was acquired by General Electric Inspection Technologies (GEIT). Most products continued on under the umbrella of General Electric and further evolved. However, before its acquisition, the name “Krautkramer” had become somewhat of a generic term to describe any type of ultrasonic flaw detection device. As a result, even almost a decade later, the name persists aKrautkramer DynaPOCKET Pluss a legacy term that most industry professionals and NDT engineers still use out of habit and familiarity.

Whichever term you’re most comfortable using to describe ultrasonic flaw detectors, you should know that we at Berg Engineering understand you. We stock many transducers and other accessories that can be used on legacy Krautkramer devices. Also, if you’re familiar with Krautkramer offerings of the past but now need to make a purchase of new equipment for your company, give us a call and we’ll help you get the model that has the features you want with the functionality that you know.

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