Zetec Topaz16 Portable 16 Channel Phased Array UT Instrument (TOPAZ16)

    Zetec Topaz16 Portable 16 Channel Phased Array UT Instrument

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    The Zetec TOPAZ16 is a compact and lightweight phased array and ultrasonic testing instrument with 16 available channels. The Topaz 16 is ideal for use in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing, and Transportation industries. The Topaz 16 digitizes up to 800%, featuring a 16-bit amplitude resolution, high signal quality, and less chance of saturation. With multiple scanning configurations, (sector, linear, and compound) this unit can handle all steps of an inspection, from preparation, to aquisition, to reporting. The full aluminum housing improves robustness and thermal transfer efficiency while not allowing air intake.

    The Topaz 16 Portable 16 Channel Phased Array UT Instrument is available in two versions:


    Featuring up to 16 active channels on up to 64 element probes, the 16/64 model is perfect for multi-group support. This model utilizes one probe type at a time. If more probe types are needed in the future, the unit can be upgraded to the 16/128 model through a software update.


    Featuring up to 16 active channels on up to 128 element probes, this Topaz 16 model can configure multiple probe types at a time. For an enhanced inspection experience, the 16/128 model features conventional UT, TOFD, and Phased Array.


    • Weld inspection
    • Corrosion mapping
    • Encoded or manual inspection
    • Inspection of complex components and more


    • UltraVision Touch software with advanced focal law calculator, volumetric merge, and interactive help
    • Multi-probe configuring model available
    • 10.4" highly responsive, high-resolution display
    • Compact aluminum casing with no air intake
    • Internal solid state drive



    Phased Array Channels 16/128 or 16/64
    UT Channels 1 P/E or 1 P/C
    Amplitude Resolution 16 bits
    Measurement Gates 4 + 1 synchronization gate
    Data Interfaces Ethernet 1000 Base-T
    1 x USB 3.0
    2 x USB 2.0
    Maximum PRF 12 kHz
    Data Compression 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
    Max. Pulser Voltage (Open Circuit) 105V PA UT / 215V UT
    Max. Applied Voltage (50 ohms) 75V PA UT / 200V UT
    Bandwidth (-3 dB) from 0.5 to 18 MHz
    Rectification Digital
    Filtering Analog / Digital (FIR)
    Smoothing (Video Filter) Digital
    Self-Check Yes
    Battery Operation Yes
    Air Intake No
    Automated Probe Detection Yes (with Zetec probe ID chip)
    Automated Scanner Detection Yes (with Zetec probe ID chip)
    # Focal Laws 256
    Maximum Number of Samples 8,192
    Maximum Data File Size 300 MB for 16/64
    700 MB for 16/128
    Encoder Interfaces 2 quadrature-type
    Onboard Software UltraVision Touch embedded
    Serves as Protection Key License for UltraVision Touch
    Data Acquisition & Analysis (for remote data acquisition
    or off line postprocessing)
    UltraVision Touch
    UltraVision 3
    Embedded Hard Drive 128 GB SSD
    Video Output HDMI
    Voltage 100 to 240 VAC
    Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
    Maximum Power 100 VA
    Operating Temperature Range -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
    Storage Temperature Range -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
    Relative Humidity 80% non-condensing
    Size (H × W × D) 221 × 271 × 120 mm (8.7" × 10.6" × 4.7")
    Weight (including one battery) 4.54 kg (10.0 lb)
    Instrument Calibration Compliant with ISO 18563-1 / EN 12668-1
    CE mark is an attestation of the conformity with all applicable directives and standards of the European Community. The TOPAZ16 is an instrument of class 1 and installation category II.

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