NewSonic SONO-G Leeb G Handheld Probe with G Impact Device (NS-2832038)

    NewSonic SONO-G Leeb G Handheld Probe with G Impact Device
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    The NewSonic SONO-G Handheld Leeb Probe with G Impact Device is for hardness testing applications involving heat treated, non-heat treated, and heavy components.

    By adding a Leeb G hardness tester probe to its line up, NewSonic has made the SonoDur 3 a well-rounded hardness testing solution. The reference scale for the NewSonic Leeb G hardness probe is Vickers HV10 and calculates the Vickers hardness HV from the L-value per ISO 16859. The SonoDur can also calculate to other hardness scales or tensile strengths (EN ISO 18265-2014, ASTM-E 140-2013) and correlation* (HV5/HV10 to HB).

    Equipped with Bluetooth

    With 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology, the NewSonic Leeb G rebound hardness tester can measure hardness immediately with wireless data transfer. The SonoDur-L app comes already installed on your SonoDur 3 if buying new, or a simple update to your existing SonoDur3 is all that is needed to begin taking measurements.

    Operating Specs & Power Supply

    Each NewSonic Leeb G probe will operate for over 8 hours and will work in freezing to warm temperatures ranging from 14ºF to 129ºF (-10ºC to 45ºC). Each Leeb G probe comes with a 3.7V li-ion battery that charges with a USB power supply.

    * “An Informed Perspective on the Use of Hardness Testing in an Integrated Approach to the Life Management of Grade 91 Steel Components” EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2016. 3002007320


    • SONO-D/SONO-G for heavy components
    • SonoDur3 – All in One – Rebound Hardness testing and UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance)
    • Reference-Scale is Vickers HV10 (Calibration is identical to UCI)
    • Calculation of Vickers Hardness HV from L-Value (LD und LG measured according to ISO 16859)
    • Conversion to other Hardness scales or tensile strength (EN ISO 18265-2014, ASTM-E 140-2013), EPRI-Correlation-P91-2020 (HV5/HV10 to HB)
    • Immediately ready to measure, wireless data transfer
    • Easy upgrade for each SonoDur3 (SonoDur L App)


    Testing method Leeb Hardness Testing, automatic compensation of impact direction, 3 mm WoC (SONO-D), 5 mm WoC (SONO-G)
    Impact energy 11 Nmm (SONO-D), 90 Nmm (SONO-G)
    Hardness scales L-Value > HV, conversions with EN ISO 18265-2014, ASTM-E140-2013 and EPRI HV5/HV10-2020
    Measurement ranges SONO-D: max. 940 HV, ca. 170 – 960 HLD
    SONO-G: max. 620 HV, ca. 300 – 720 HLG
    After surface hardening in general UCI is recommended (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance)
    L-Value: ca. 0,3 % at HL = 800
    Vickers: Tolerance < 4% / Repeatability < 5%
    R/F Communication Ca. 5 m / 2.4 GHz Bluetooth with SonoDur3
    Operating time > 8 h same as SonoDur3 – depending on operation mode
    Power 3.7V Li-Ion battery, charging with USB Power Supply
    Working Temperature -10ºC to +45ºC
    Dimensions SONO-D: 148 x Φ 30 mm (Coil body)
    SONO-G: 290 x Φ 45 mm (Coil body)
    Weight SONO-D: 70 g
    SONO-G: 243 g
    Standards Corresponds to ASTM A956, ISO 16859, GB/T 17394

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