Proceq Equotip Leeb Test Blocks (PROCEQ-LEEB-TEST-BLOCKS)

    Proceq Equotip Leeb Test Blocks
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    The Proceq Equotip Leeb Test Blocks are used to verify accurate readings of your Leeb tester according to ASTM A956. These blocks are for use with Impact Devices D/DC/DL/C/E/G/S. Hardness ranges for the blocks vary from <450 HL up to 875 HL depending on the impact device you are using. All test blocks are calibrated per Proceq factory calibrations and some come with NIST traceable certificates. Unless otherwise specified, both sides are polished, marked, and usable.

    Note: Single-sided Leeb test block HLD 775 #35713105 is no longer available. Please purchase the double sided HLD 775 #35713100. 

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