Proceq Equotip 540 Leeb D Model Hardness Tester (35620002)

    Proceq Equotip 540 Leeb D Model Hardness Tester
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    The Proceq Equotip Leeb D 540 model is a pragmatic, cost-effective, alternative to the Equotip Leeb D 550. Test blocks are available to purchase seperately - see related acceories below or click here.

    The Proceq Equotip Leeb D 540 hardness tester is versatile and capable of on-site testing of heavy, large or installed parts. Works with the full Leeb probe portfolio and can be combined with Portable Rockwell and UCI. 

    The Proceq Equotip 540 Leeb D hardness tester is rated as highly accurate and offers a field-tested, rugged touchscreen designed for an excellent user experience for measuring and analysis. The unit comes with enhanced software features, analysis functions, ready-to-go reports with powerful built-in reporting features.

    There is also an option to upgrade the Proceq Equotip Leeb D 540 model to the Equotip 550 Leeb D model if desired so you can take advantage of features such as customizable PDF reports, data export via Equotip Link, connecting additional probes, automatic compensation for impact direction and more. Contact a Berg sales engineer at 847-577-3980 or email if you are interested in upgrading or purchasing an extended warranty.


    Equotip 540 Leeb D takes advantage of a new generation full color, dual processor Touchscreen Unit with enhanced software capabilities. The instrument offers a unique range of functions which ultimately help speed up on-site and laboratory inspections and analysis.


    Software Qualities Equotip 540 Equotip 550
    Best-in-class measuring performance in accordance to international standards  Yes  Yes 
    Wide array of data saving and exploring features on unit Yes  Yes
    Intuitive touchscreen navigation and personalized views Yes Yes
    Quick shift conversions (UCI) Yes Yes
    Default PDF reports Yes Yes
    Customizable PDF reports Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Data export to PC via Equotip Link Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Connect additional probes Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Automatic compensation for impact direction (Leeb D) Upgrade to 550 Yes 
     Custom conversion curves  Upgrade to 550 Yes 
     Interactive wizards  Upgrade to 550 Yes
     Password protection for device lock  Upgrade to 550 Yes 
     Multi-language support  Yes   Yes



    Hardware Qualities  Equotip 540 Equotip 550
    Powerful touchscreen with rugged housing Yes  Yes 
    Equotip Leeb D resp. UCI HV1-10 probe with cables Yes  Yes 
    Rugged carrying case Yes  Yes 
    Compatible with other Equotip probes Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Test block Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Surface roughness comparator plate Upgrade to 550 Yes 
    Coupling paste Upgrade to 550 Yes 


    Proceq Equotip Leeb D Model Specifications

    Native Scale


    Measuring Range

    150 - 950 HL

    Measuring Accuracy

    ± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)

    Available Scales


    Available Probes

    Leeb D / DC / DL / S / E / G / 

    Combination With Other Methods

    Portable Rockwell, UCI (Only available with the 550 upgrade) 

    Average Roughness Ra (µm / µinch)

    7 / 275 (Leeb G)

    Minimum Mass (kg / lbs)

    0.02 / 0.045 (Leeb C)

    Minimum Thickness (mm / inch)

    1 / 0.04 (Leeb C)

    Standards & Guidelines


    ASTM A 956
    ASTM E 140
    ASTM A 370
    ISO 16859
    DIN 50156
    GB/T 17394
    JB/T 9378


    ASME CRTD-91
    DGZfP Guideline MC 1
    VDI / VDE Guideline 2616 Paper 1
    Nordtest Technical Reports 424-1, 424-2, 424-3
    Proceq Equotip Leeb D Model Specifications

    Equotip 540 Unit Specifications


     7” color display 800x480 pixels


     Internal 8 GB flash memory

     Regional Settings

     Metric and Imperial units, multi-language and timezone supported

     Power Input

     12 V +/-25 % / 1.5 A


     Probe, USB host / device and Ethernet


     250 x 162 x 62 mm


     1525 g (incl. Battery)


     3.6 V, 14.0 Ah

     Battery Lifetime

     > 8 h (in standard operating mode)


     < 95 % RH, non condensing

     Operating Temperature

     -10 °C to +50 °C






    Package Includes

    • Equotip Touchscreen incl. battery
    • Equotip Basic Leeb Impact Device D
    • Impact body D,
    • Support rings (D6,D6a)
    • Cleaning brush
    • Impact device cable
    • Power supply
    • USB-cable
    • DVD with software
    • Documentation
    • Carrying strap
    • Carrying case