CorDEX Monitir 4100 Automation Imager (MN4100)

    CorDEX Monitir 4100 Automation Imager
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    The MN4100 Dual Vision Automation Imager is incredibly versatile yet so light that you can pick it up with only two fingers! The MN4100 provides automated thermal imaging capability to new or existing control systems located within plant, security, home or marine environments. When you are looking to maximize flexibility and need a compact thermal imaging unit, the MN4100 is a sure bet.

    Powerful Yet Compact

    The MN4100 is designed for control and automation applications and has dual vision through both thermal and visual sensors that provide up to 4800 measurement points. Customizable alarms have been integrated into the unit and it is configured for use with Modbus/TCP. Both compact and lightweight, the MN4100 can be placed almost anywhere with its M6x4 boss on the base and has been created to reach areas where manual surveys are not possible or not practical. With a standard measurement range of -10 to +120C (14 to 248F), the MN4100 is the low-cost solution for your infrared automation needs.

    Continuous Monitoring

    You can prevent unwanted outages and equipment failures, without the need for manual surveys, through configuring onboard grid alarms. The alarms are set up through a web server and PLC interface and the dedicated MONITIR software that enables you to watch your operations 24x7x365.

    CorDEX Provides Standard PLC Code

    Integrating the MN4100 into your new or existing PLC network is easy! No need to write TCP communications code as CorDEX has already written the PLC Function Blocks for Communication, Measurement and Analysis. It is simple to integrate into any Modbus/TCP compatible control system - the MN4100 can be set up to utilize the processing power of your existing equipment.

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    • Measurement accuracy of +2°/2% from -10 to +120c
    • Compact and lightweight, measuring 120x70x70mm
    • Communicates with MODBUS/ TCP and is supplied with pre-written PLC Function blocks for communications, alarms, measurement and analysis
    • On-board web server for point-to-point communication


     Imaging performance

     Infrared Resolution

     80x60 pixels

     Measurement Range

     -10 to +120C (14-248F)


     +/-2C or +/-2%

     Visual Resolution

     640x480 pixels

     Dual Vision Field of View (FOV)

     63⁰ Diagonal


     LED Flash (800Lumins)

     Visual Sensitivity

     1.0 LUX without illuminator

     Power & Communications

     Power supply

     12/24VDC (2W, 3Wpeak)

     Power Input range

     11VDC to 30VDC

     Power Connector

     3.81mm plug (3-pin)
     For: Vin, Vchassis, GND



     Ethernet Connector Type



     IEEE802.3, 10/100Mbps


     Operating Range

     0C to 40C

     Storage Range

     -40C to 80C