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    USD 30...High Resolution Large Screen Systems Flaw Detector

    With a large 8.3" x 6.23" color LCD screen the USD 30 is designed for applications where the user needs to see the screen from a distance. With its 5.7" x 5.2" A scan, it is easily viewable from across a room or the other side of an immersion system.

    The instrument is equipped with a fast 60 Hz color screen update rate, smart view feature, 2 monitor gates and Interface gate as standard. These features maximize the probability of defect detection and can reduce operator fatigue, during extended inspection processes. The USD 30 with optional Back Wall Attenuator (BEA) ideal for use in similar applications to the popular KB 6000, USIP 12 or any other flaw detector where a single channel high resolution instrument is required.

    Base Instrument Package:

    • USD 30 Systems Flaw Detector with large Hi-Resolution Color LCD Display 
    • Interface Gate included as standard 
    • OP-302 Operating Manual 
    • Certificate of Conformity


    • The Interface gate and two independent flaw gates are equipped with real-time analog and TTL outputs provide maximum applications versatility
    • Unique "Analog Look" signal processing displays additional A-Scan information as "intensity variations" along the waveform for detailed echo dynamics that jump right off of the display
    • A .040 to 1100 inch range in steel combined with 15 to 6000 PRF (pulse repetition frequency) covers a wide range of applications without incurring acoustic wrap around.
    • Two user-friendly rotary knobs allow operators to make fast adjustments very easily and a master lock prevents inadvertent changes during scanning
    • Exclusive SmartView feature and variable persistence freeze display the most important information (relevant shot) for critical scanning and rotating part inspections
    • Select from four display color schemes and eight A-Scan colors to highlight test parameters, satisfy personal preference, match lighting conditions, reduce operator boredom and relieve    eye fatigue
    • Four damping settings and ten frequency selections from 250 KHz to 25 MHz enable optimum matching to probe characteristics. 
    • Compatible with UltraDOC 4.0 applications software programs for inspection documentation
    • Interface gate and 2 independent flaw gates
    • 15 Hz to 6K Hz PRF (pulse repetition frequency)
    • Optional Back wall echo attenuator
    • RF display mode 
    • Real time (single shot) analog and TTL outputs 
    • VGA output option 
    • Up to 25 MHz for thin material measurements 
    • RF display for signal evaluation of thin wall and complex geometries

    Additional Info

    • PDF Brochure


    Optional Accessories:

    • PCCBL-841 9 pin serial PC cable
    • PRTCBL-518 Serial printer cable
    • PRTCBL-842 Parallel printer interface cable
    • REM-514 Remote Copy Hand Switch
    • FS-951 Remote Copy Foot Switch
    • I/O-398 Real time I/O Cable (DB15 termination at instrument only)
    • EAA-008 External Audible Alarm 
    • MS-464 Master/Slave Interconnect cable