CorDEX Monitir 4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager (MN4000)

    CorDEX Monitir 4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager
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    The MN4000 Panel Mounted Thermal Imager will ensure you never overlook an electrical problem. Ever. This small, compact unit incorporates dual vision with thermal and visual cameras and leverages scanning technology to capture full radiometric data 24x7x365. We have made your life much simpler with this mounted unit as you can log into your MN4000 remotely through any web browser and inspect a panel from anywhere you have a web connection through its MONITIR software. The MN4000 can be connected to a PLC or SCADA based network through its Industrial MODBUS/TCP communications protocol, which offers increased monitoring power and integration within your work environment.

    Asset Protection & Safety

    By offering web-based monitoring, you no longer have to worry about having visibility of your operations. In addition, the MN4000 is never exposed to live equipment so you can undertake inspections and set on board alarms to alert your infrared professional of potential issues and problems in a safe and secure way. Older methods of IR windows may lower the risk of an arc-flash being triggered but the MN4000 ensures problems can be inspected and diagnosed safely with absolute certainty.

    CorDEX Provides Standard PLC Code

    Integrating the MN4000 into your new or existing PLC network is a snap! No need to write Modbus/TCP communications code as CorDEX has prewritten the PLC Function Blocks for all major manufacturers for you. Simply select the PLC manufacturer from the Support List and drop in the corresponding Function Blog and you are ready to program.

    Easy Installation

    The MN4000 is 100% compatible with the CorDEX IW 4000 mounting pattern and with a 24VDC and Ethernet connection all you have to do is slot in the camera package and you are set. You can remove and add a new camera package without turning off your operations.

    For common IR Windows, adaptor plates are available as custom options. For details, contact us by calling 1-847-577-3980 or write to us at


    • Measurement accuracy of +2°/2% from -10 to +120C
    • Easy to install and removable while live Communication with MODBUS/TCP and is supplied with pre-written PLC function blocks for communications, alarms, measurement and analysis
    • Provided as standard with CorDEX MONITIR Software for large scale deployments and analysis
    • On-board web server for point-to-point communication



    Imaging Performance (Thermal)

    IR Resolution

    80x60 pixels (4800 measuring points)



    Field of View (FOV)

    63⁰ Diagonal

    IR Operation

    8-14um, <50mK (NETD)

    Imaging Performance (Visual)

     Visible Resolution


     Low Light Illumination

     LED Flash (800 Lumens)

     Field of View (FOV)

     63⁰ Diagonal


     1.0 LUX without illuminator



     -10C to 120C


     Celsius, Fahrenheit


     +/-2C or +/-2%

     Emissivity Correction

     Fixed to 1.0

    Image Access and Display


    Web i/f or via Modbus/TCP

     LCD Display

     QVGA(320x240), 2.4inch

     Automatic update

     Continuous (1Hz)

     IR-image format

     BMP file and spot access

     Visible-image format


     Power & Communications

     Power supply

     12/24VDC (2W, 3Wpeak)

     Power Input range

    11VDC to 30VDC

     Power Connector

     3.81mm plug (3-pin) For: Vin, Vchassis, GND


     Modbus over Ethernet

     Ethernet Connector Type



    IEEE802.3, 10/100Mbps