Labino BB Series UV LED (LABINO-BB)

    Labino BB Series UV LED
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    365 nm | NO UV-B | NO VISIBLE LIGHT


    The Labino® BB UV Led Mains is a lamp based on UV LED technology, operated via mains power supply.

    The light emitting diodes emit a beam of light that is “evenly” distributed. The lamp is available in two different beams – Midlight and Floodlight.

    The Labino® BB UV Led is 100% free from UV-B.

    The diodes emit almost no white light1.

    Its compact size makes it easy to work with and with an instant-start function you get full power immediately.

    At a distance of 380 mm the Labino BB UV Floodlight has an initial intensity of approximately 3 500 μW/cm2. The Midlight version has an initial intensity of more than 6 000 μW/cm2.

    The light beam of the Floodlight measures 250 mm in diameter and the Midlight version measures 200 mm.

    Manufactured in Sweden.

    Note: The US military purchases the BB Helios Midlight (L1033).


    Light Beam

    • Midlight  5 500-6 300 μW/cm2at 38 cm (15 inches )Ø 200 mm (total area with a minimum intensity of 1000 μW/cm2 at 38 cm)
    • Floodlight  2 800-3 500 μW/cm2 at 38 cm (15 inches) Ø 250 mm (total area with a minimum intensity of 1000 μW/cm2 at 38 cm)


    • LED: 9 UV Led
    • Wavelength: UV-A, peak 365 nm Visible light
    • 1 Lux1 / 0.09 Foot Candle* (380-780 nm)


    • 100-240 VAC

    Cables & Power Supply

    • Mains Cable: 2 m
    • Driver spiral cable: 2 m (fully extended), 16 VDC
    • Power Supply includes wall mounting brackets

    1.2 kilos (2.64 pounds)

    Housing diameter: 140 mm(5.67 inches)

    Start-up time: Instant-on operation with immediate full power

    Material in housing: anodized aluminium, plastics PA6-30

    CE approved

    IP65 classified, dust and temporary water jetting proof

    * The standard EN 3059 5.2 and ISO 9934-3 recommend to use a UV-block filter on the sensor of the Visible light meter eliminating all UV (below 380 nm) to get the accurate amount of visible light.