Echo Ultrasonics EchoMix Single (1 Part) Powder Ultrasonic Couplant (ECHOMIX-SINGLE)

    Echo Ultrasonics EchoMix Single (1 Part) Powder Ultrasonic Couplant
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    EchoMix Single is a powdered couplant that comes in a single packet for ease of use and convenience. It is designed to be compact and portable when storage limited or when performing remote access inspections. It mixes easily mixed in ambient water in a single step in five minutes, providing a strong, continuous coupling film that adheres well to vertical and overhead surfaces.


    • Reduced surface tension for good wetting characteristics.
    • Salt resistant formulation.
    • No loss in viscosity on corroded surfaces, marine parts or on boilers with salt cake. 
    • Low environmental impact. 
    • No phosphates. 
    • Contains no formaldehyde. 
    • No strong odor or eye irritant from off-gassing. 
    • Compact for shipping and storing.
    • Easy mixing, fast gel time in ambient water (5 minutes until ready for use).


    • Viscosity of 1 gallon mixture: 23,000 CPS, Brookfield #4 Spindle, 6 rpm
      • EchoMix & ExchMix Clear: pH 9
      • EchoMix Single: pH 12
    • Total Halogens less than 25 ppm
    • Sulfur less than 25 ppm
    • Operating Temperature: 32° – 120°F (0° – 50°C)
    • Corrosion Inhibition: Contains mild short term Ferrous Corrosion Inhibitors