Echo Ultrasonics EchoMix Powder 2 Part Ultrasonic Couplant Clear (ECHOMIX-CLEAR)

    Echo Ultrasonics EchoMix Powder 2 Part Ultrasonic Couplant Clear
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    EchoMix Clear is a powdered couplant without color designed to be compact, portable when storage limited or when performing remote access inspections. It mixes easily mixed in ambient water in five minutes, providing a strong, continuous coupling film that adheres well to vertical and overhead surfaces.

    EchoMix Clear provides a strong, continuous coupling film, reduces transducer wear and adheres well to verticle and overhead surfaces with no dripping.


    • Reduced surface tension for good wetting characteristics.
    • Salt resistant formulation.
    • No loss in viscosity on corroded surfaces, marine parts or on boilers with salt cake. 
    • Low environmental impact. 
    • No phosphates. 
    • Contains no formaldehyde. 
    • No strong odor or eye irritant from off-gassing. 
    • Compact for shipping and storing.
    • Easy mixing, fast gel time in ambient water (5 minutes until ready for use).


    • Viscosity of 1 gallon mixture: 23,000 CPS, Brookfield #4 Spindle, 6 rpm
      • EchoMix & ExchMix Clear: pH 9
      • EchoMix Single: pH 12
    • Total Halogens less than 25 ppm
    • Sulfur less than 25 ppm
    • Operating Temperature: 32° – 120°F (0° – 50°C)
    • Corrosion Inhibition: Contains mild short term Ferrous Corrosion Inhibitors