Waygate Krautkramer STH 1 Rail Weld Testing Rig (35578)

    Waygate Krautkramer STH 1 Rail Weld Testing Rig

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    The Waygate Technologies Krautkramer tandem rig STH 1, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is an ultrasonic rail testing system used to inspect rail welds (flash butt welds, alumino thermic welds) for flaws perpendicular to the rail surface.

    The tandem rig contains probe holders for two 45° angle beam probes which moves in opposite directions. One is operated as transmitter and the other as receiver probe.

    The tandem rig contains four magnets, which fix the rig during the tandem test.

    The STH 1 can be utilized with various portable ultrasonic flaw detection instruments, such as the USM 35X.

    What you need:

    • Tandem rig STH 1 (35578)
    • UT probes SWB 45-O2E (2) (67214)
    • Cables MPKL 2 (2) (50468)
    • USM 35X Flaw Detector