GE CL5 Krautkramer Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (022-508-909)

    GE CL5 Krautkramer Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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    The compact solution offering a full range of functionality

    The GE CL5 Krautkramer precision thickness gauge offers a full range of functionality in an easy to use, compact and rugged package. 3 soft keys directly under the display activate the functions shown on the display menus. 4 Directional keys helps making menu changes and navigation of the text entry screen simple and effi cient. The graphical display presents the user with 6 different operation modes. The user can select from, Normal, Min. Scan, Max. Scan, Diff/Rate of Reduction, Thk+A-Scan (option) or Velocity (option). The CL 5 utilizes a programmable data recorder for easy set up of data files from the PC. The SD Card memory system places all the data recording and set-up information on a removable SD memory card. The files are formatted allowing drag & drop files when plugged directly into the PC. Other data such as digital photographs can also be stored on the same SD card. The CL 5 allows direct connection to the PC using serial or USB port.

    Performance and Flexibility

    The CL 5 Velocity option gives the user an added measurement mode used for determining the velocity of a known thickness of material. Material thickness can be entered manually via the CL 5 keyboard or a digital caliper can be connected allowing the thickness value to be send electronically from the caliper to the CL 5. The user simply places the probe on the part and the CL 5 displays the material velocity of the test object. Both the thickness and the velocity value can be stored in the data recorder and downloaded to the PC.

    CL 5 applications

    The CL 5 is an easy-to-use precision thickness measuring solution for components used in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, in particular, such as:

    • Cast and stamped metal components, e.g. made of aluminum, steel, copper, bronze
    • Machined workpieces 
    • Chemically milled components 
    • Metal strips, metal plates 
    • Plastics and composites 
    • Glass

    The Live A-Scan option: CL 5AS

    The optional Live A-Scan feature gives the user a real time view of the echoes being digitally measured by the CL 5. Viewing the live a-scan can aid users when attempting to properly align the probe and the test object to achieve the best measurement values. Viewing the live a-scan enables the user to ensure the proper echoes are being measured and the digital value is correct.

    The Data Recorder option: CL 5DR

    The Data Recorder option permits the quick and easy storage of thickness values in fi le form. Fully userprogrammable, it stores up to 10,000 measured values or as many as 500 values with attached A-Scan. The programmable data recorder allows creation of data recorder fi les directly from the CL 5 keypad, or form the PC using the fl exible UltraMATE® or UltraMATE® Lite software program. The data recorder supports the use of alphanumeric fi le names, standard linear and grid fi les and custom linear files.
    CL 5 – Simply reliable, reliably simple Extended file types store the thickness values, velocity settings and other critical data for each measurement point. The CL 5 and UltraMATE® thus make for perfect test data management.


    • Enhanced measurement performance produces highly stable and repeatable thickness values 
    • Six measurement and display modes: Normal, Minimum Capture, Maximum Capture, Differential and Rate of reduction, Velocity(with CL 5V option) and Thickness + A-Scan (with Live A-Scan option). 
    • Snapshot A-Scan on all models 
    • Hollow/Fill thickness digits showing coupling or non-coupling status 
    • Visual LED alarm to alert user when measurement are exceeding the user selectable limit values 
    • Customer parameter set-ups for special confi gurations and quick instrument set-up 
    • Flexible power system via standard AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack system 
    • Multi-language user interface 
    • Automatic ultrasonic performance (gain and gate controls) 
    • Wide variety of standard probes


    • Spec Sheet

    Additional Info

    • PDF Brochure

    Package Includes

    Base Instrument Package Includes:

    • CL 5 precision thickness gauge
    • Lithium poly battery pack
    • AC power supply
    • Plastic carry case
    • Wire stand
    • XL couplant sample, 4 oz.
    • Firmware upgrade CD-ROM
    • Operating manual
    • Operating instructing card
    • Certificate of Conformity

    Optioinal Add-On Packages:

    • CL5 Live A-Scan Upgrade Option - Part #: 022-508-723 
    • CL5 Data Recorder Upgrade Option with SD Card - Part #: 022-508-724
    • CL5 Velocity Upgrade Option with Interface Cable (requires digital Caliper – sold separately) - Part #: 022-508-725


    GE CL5 Live A-Scan Upgrade Option GE CL5 Live A-Scan Upgrade Option
    GE CL5 Data Recorder Upgrade Option with SD Card GE CL5 Data Recorder Upgrade Option with SD Card
    GE CL5 Velocity Upgrade Option with Interface Cable GE CL5 Velocity Upgrade Option with Interface Cable