GE MIC-205AL 5 kgf load Extended Rod Probe Kit (082-034-282)

    GE MIC-205AL 5 kgf load Extended Rod Probe Kit



    This product has been discontinued.
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    After decades of manufacturing the GE Krautkramer MIC-205AL 5 kgf load extended rod probe, GE has now exited the UCI hardness market. The new replacement for the GE Krautkramer MIC-205AL kgf is now the NewSonic SONO-205L, 5 kgf (Part # NS-19005) which is fully compatible with the MIC-10 and MIC-20 units. To view the NewSonic SONO-205L click here.

    Newsonic is a company comprised of former GE Krautkramer Engineers who used to work on the MIC-10 and MIC-20. Their line of SonoDur hardness testers now offers the best, most advanced and improved UCI hardness testing solution currently available. To view NewSonic UCI hardness testing solutions, click here.

    Trade-In Your MIC-205AL Probe

    If you are in the market for a UCI hardness probe or hardness tester, ask about our trade-in program where we can give you a credit towards the purchase of a new UCI hardness testing solution.

    Mic-205AL 5 kgf loadExtended probe kit includes:

    Probe, HRC-64 Reference Plate, MIC-1050 Cable and Probe Handle