Waygate Technologies UltraDoc 3 Flaw Detector Software (022-103-150)

    Waygate Technologies UltraDoc 3 Flaw Detector Software

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    For use with GEIT USM 32 and USM 35 Flaw Detectors

    UltraDOC 3.x is an easy to use Windows™ 95/98/2000/NT program designed to simplify the transfer storage and printing of Flaw A-Scans, Eddy Current Phase Planes and instrument parameters. Hardness values from Krautkramer’s Line of Portable Hardness Instruments, can be downloaded for printing and file storage.

    Software Features:

    • Transfer instrument settings from the test instrument to a PC, store them as ASCII text for further processing
    • Transfer any display contents of your choice, store them in IMG, BMP or PCX format for further processing
    • Store complete instrument settings and calibration tables and transfer them back to the test instrument
    • Receive quick overview of stored test data