GE USM 35X Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (0036061)

    GE USM 35X Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



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    The USM 35 X ultrasonic flaw detectors is differentiated from other flaw detectors in its use of color displays which enhances the clarity of inspections, specifically for weld inspections. The use of color can also make easy comparisons during A-Scans.

    The USM 35X is designed for industrial environments by weighing only 2.2 kg, having a 14 hour battery life and by having a temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

    The base instrument package includes the flaw detector, on board battery charger, AC power supply, lithium ion battery, transport case, operating manual and a certificate of conformity.



    USM 35X - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector bringing color to everyday testing

    Fast and bright color screen
    Color brings you many additional benefits in your daily inspection job:
    Special highlight: patented color-coded display of legs for angle-beam inspection (e.g. welds).

    Color display of monitor gates and curves (DAC, TCG, DGS) for direct recognition
    Messages and alarms in red characters for increased attention, use of color to display references
    (A-scan) to make comparisions easy. Colorized envelope curve display for echo dynamic analysis.,
    Multicolor screen combinations for technician preferences and to select best suitable color scheme according to the working environment.
    VGA output to connect the instrument to an external monitor or video projector

    The USM 35 comes with a larger, high-contrast color display.  Not only the display but also battery concept profits from innovations in the computer industry: the lithium-ion battery pack supplies the instrument with energy for up to ten hours and can remain in the instrument for recharging.

    Where does the color help in daily test applications?

    The color display enhances clarity even further, especially in weld inspections: the patented color-coded display of legs is a special highlight when using angle-beam probes for testing. The color of the signal changes with every reflection of the sound beam from the workpiece surface. Other benefits presented by the color include:

    Adaptation of background color to the ambient light conditions of your test environment
    Display of monitor gates in different colors for direct recognition 
    Display of registration curves in DAC and DGS evaluation
    Filing of a reference scan or display of echo dynamics




    The probes and probe cables required to operate the instrument have to be selected according to the application.


    Harsh field and industrial environments

    Extended temperature range from 0° to 60°C (-10°C on special request)
    Weighs only 2.2 kg
    Extended battery life to 14 hours under real test conditions
    Intuitive tools to help analysis
    The Color-Leg function displays coded information on the leg in color about angle beam inspection.
    2 new display carats (colorized triangles pointing to the measurement
    position for each gate).
    One carat �� pointing to the gate line indicates the time of flight measurement
    point for the considered gate.
    The other carat �� pointing up indicates
    the amplitude measurement point for the considered gate.
    New readings
    3 new additional readings can be displayed for measurements taken with gates.

    Other benefits

    We have also implemented innovations
    from the computer industry in the battery concept to make your daily work easier: the rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack enables you to carry out your inspections for at least 14 hours. Charging is easily carried out internally within the instrument  over night just by connecting  the power pack/battery charger to the USM 35X. You can also insert 6 normal C-cells should the battery pack be drained and if no A/C power outlet is available.
    Base Instrument Package: 
     Compact Ultrasonic Flaw Detector USM 35
     DAC/TCG available for USM 35 DAC
     DAC, TCG, and DGS available for USM 35S
     On-Board Battery Charger / AC Power Supply
     Lithium Ion Battery
     Transport Case
     Operating Manual
     Certficate of Conformity

    Package Includes

    • On-board Battery Charger/AC Power Supply
    • Lithium Ion battery
    • Transport Case
    • Operating Manual
    • Certificate of Conformity