GE USM 32X Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (0036067)

    GE USM 32X Series Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



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    The USM 32 comes in two versions: the USM 32B and the USM 32L. The USM 32B is used for all standard applications while the USM 32L is used for large work pieces or strongly sound-attenuating materials.

    Both versions have simple designs including two rotary knobs, 14 keys, one menu line, four functions per menu and direct access to all functions making it extremely easy to use.

    Other features include a 10 hour battery life, an adjustable handle, a color LCD screen and 19 different languages.


    USM 32B and USM 32L: small box, big performance, well balanced between ergonomics and functionality, easy solutions for your daily applications.

    Two versions – which one and for what?

    This simplicity of use comes with the 2 different versions on which you will find only the functions you need:

    • USM 32B for all standard applications
    • USM 32L for testing large work pieces or strongly sound-attenuating materials

    The USM 32 with its two versions is characterized by simplicity: 

    • Two rotary knobs
    • 14 keys only
    • Only one menu line
    • Four functions per menu
    • Direct access to all functions

    The handle

    The ergonomy of USM 32 allows its use in workshop, laboratory and outdoors.  Due to its adjustable handle the instrument sits stable on any surface you encounter, even on round parts. For those who wish to hold the instrument, a holster is available.

    The knobs

    Fast, easy and precise. The two rotary knobs will allow you to rapidly and precisely set any of the instrument parameters. To avoid accidental change you may disable the knobs.

    Battery life

    The Lithium Ion battery allows at least 10 hours of continous use, and can be charged internally within 7 hours. If necessary, it can be exchanged within seconds or replaced by 6 C-size standard batteries from the shop next door.

    The Color screen

    Because the screen is what the inspector has to look at all the time, we selected a very high contrast and fast color LCD. Its big size, 4,5’’ x 3,4’’ (115 mm x 86 mm), its A-scan resolution of 320 x 220 pixels and its choice of color schemes offers you an outstanding comfort of viewing under all light conditions.

    Two individual color coded gates

    Totally independent, easy to identify with different colors, the 2 gates can be placed anywhere on the range, with a threshold from 10% to 90% screen height. Their alarm logic can be changed from coincidence to anti-coincidence individually. You are flexible in choosing the reading you need: Echo amplitude, sound path or or sound path difference for each gate, displayed in large characters in the top right corner of the A-scan, even visible for a remote operator position.

    Ease of use

    Select menu, select function: spin right hand rotary knob to set the function value. Spin left hand rotary knob to change the gain.

    Plus four direct access keys:

    • dB-step selects the wanted step width including lock
    • Freeze halts the A-scan
    • Zoom switches A-scan to full screen width and disables the menus and functions.
    • Copy transfers selected data via the RS 232 to printer or PC


    With 19 different languages, the USM 32 can be used everywhere around the world.

    Package Includes

    • On-board Battery Charger/AC Power Supply
    • Lithium Ion battery
    • Transport Case
    • Operating Manual
    • Certificate of Conformity